Thursday, May 26, 2011

Washer/Dryer What do you like?

Last week I had finally gone shopping and got some summer clothes. I decide to wear my new shirt and shorts to a play date. On my way there I was sipping my coffee and driving. When I got to the light I went to take a sip and was holding the lid. The lid detached from the bottom and BAM- my coffee spilt ALL. OVER. ME.

So, I took a picture and texted it to my friend letting her know why I was going back home and would be late.

Fast forward to that night and I am still trying oxy clean, bleach pens, and vinegar. Basically everything I have for stain removal. I was determined to NOT ruin my new white shorts that I had just taken the tags off of. So, I had Frank stop by the store on his way home from a guys night and get me bleach.

I carefully went through all the laundry and separated whites and colors. I threw the colors on the floor, and whites into the washer as I sorted. Then I got the bleach and poured it into the bleach dispenser.

After few minutes I realized my floor was wet. The clothes and sheets that were in the colored pile were soaking- with PURE bleach. Yes, apparently the bleach dispenser was broken and just leaked all over the floor and my clothes, the kids clothes, and Pottery barn sheets (which they no longer sell) soaked it up. I was MAD. Frank didn't really understand why I was so upset- but you friends out there understand, right?!? I know they are just clothes and sheets- but I was so frustrated. I should have just re bought the dang shorts and saved myself time and money. Grrr...

So the next day I am putting clothes in the dryer and when it beeps, I go to check on the laundry and it is still soaking wet. What?? I try again.... SAME OUTCOME. The dryer spins but no heat comes out. Looks like not only is our washer misbehaving, but so is the dryer- LOVELY. I could probably get them fixed, but we just fixed them a few months ago and really I don't want to throw anymore money into them.

So, we are in the market for a new washer/dryer.

We've been looking. We have the old Whirlpool top loading washer and gas dryer and thought we'd get front loaders since they seem to be the new rage. But since researching we are hearing mixed reviews. We have been told they can be smelly if you don't dry them after a wash and that they have to be handled with care. But on the flip side the few people (One friend and my brother) I have asked, that have them, like them.

So, for my few readers out you have a front loader? If so, what brand, and do you like them??? Or do you wish you still had a top loader??? We will be buying new machines this weekend so I'd love to hear your thoughts.

For now, it is nice to have a Laundry break!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Flip Flop She Don't Stop. :)

Ellie is LOVING tumbling. Loving it. She just recently mastered her back handspring!!
We love watching her confidence grow every week!! 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

First and Last

Awwww..... It was the Girls last day of school yesterday. Always a sad day. I cry every year when they say goodbye to their teachers. This year was especially hard for Ellie as she will not be going back there next year and she had to give every teacher she has ever had in the last four years a hug before she left. In the morning I was doing her hair and I had said, "Ellie I can't believe this is your last day." And she said, " Please stop talking about it or I am going to cry." And a few tears she did shed as we pulled out of the parking lot and she told me every person she really liked and was going to miss.

So I pulled out the first day of school pictures to compare and I can not believe the difference a school year makes. Especially Hadley. I can hardly remember her having a Paci so that was one big difference, but I feel like she has grown up and changed the most this year. She went from a baby to a little girl. She went from HATING the camera to loving it. And is still quite the little ham. Ellie on the other hand....maybe her face looks a little more mature, but I am pretty sure she hasn't grown more than an inch if that and she wore the same shoes on her first and last day of school. Even though she hasn't grown much....she still looks older to me. I can't believe she will be with her brother at Big School next year.

Another Year Down.

Oh sweet time....SLOW down.

First Day.
Last Day.
First Day.

Last Day.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

One Tough Cookie

Yesterday after running around in the morning we came home and decided we were going to have a relaxing day by the pool. Frank, Gavin, Ellie, and Hadley were all in the hot tub and I had just sat down to read a book outside. Hadley was in the water and jumping back to float on her back but she was too close to the wall. I heard a loud cry and Frank say, "Lacey it's bad." I ran into the house and grabbed a towel and ice pack and told the kids to get out and get dressed. I picked Hadley up and applied pressure to her gushing head as we all drove to the Woodlands Herman Emergency Care Center. Hadley stayed calm. She was a little rock star. Even when they took the staple gun to her head she hardly whimpered. When Gavin saw the gun he said, "I can't watch." And when Ellie saw it she put her hands over her mouth and said, "I think I am going to puke." So the two older kids sat outside the room while the doctor did it. They brought all three kids Popsicles afterwards and Hadley has been fine since. She is pretty proud of her wound and has showed all the neighbors. She doesn't even say anything...... she just walks up to them and lifts her hair to expose the staples. And she has been walking around saying, "I am not going to jump right now, because I am fragile." Frank and I agreed, she is ONE TOUGH COOKIE.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation

Amazing. That is the best way to describe tonight. Tonight my little girl graduated from SonKids Kindergarten. She started there days after she turned two, and tonight she graduated from their Kindergarten Class of 2011.
To say it has been a great year would be an understatement. To think that I had reservations about sending her to Kindergarten this year, baffles my mind now. She was ready. The school is amazing. And I am so glad we sent her there. I am glad that I prayed and listened to my gut and sent her.
When I got sick I was especially thankful that we kept her there as I knew she was being loved on all day long when I couldn't be. I can't even begin to imagine how much harder this last year would have been if she had been somewhere else.
Her love and heart for Jesus really shows and I know a big part of this is from her school. The place is amazing.
The amount of knowledge she has gained this year is incredible. And what I have ALWAYS said I want for my kids, is for them to absolutely LOVE school. Because if you have that, everything else will fall into place. And it has.
I cried tears of joy and excitement for her tonight, proud tears, and sad to be leaving tears. Thank God they gave us a pack of tissues!! And thank God I will still have one little one there next year.

Ellie chose chick fil a for dinner and then we headed to school.

They decorated the foyer with pictures of them as babies, and pictures of them as graduates. They had banners with pictures of each child. And artwork. And on one of her pictures they had typed out what she said she wanted to be when she grows up. A MOMMY!! I was so proud! The tears started before I even entered the sanctuary.

They one at a time walked into the sanctuary to the traditional graduation ceremony song, the Pop and Circumstance March. She was a little timid at first but then she did it and her smile came through.

They sang songs. They each had speaking parts to a poem. They played a 15 minute slide show that about did me in with just the music alone. They got their diplomas and a new study bible. And then Ms. Maggie wrote a poem and talked about each child. To end it all they sang, "Angels Among us" and they showed pictures of them as angels above them as they sung. A truly spectacular night. I am not sure who cried more...Me. My Mom. Or Frank. It was so sweet.

Afterwards they had a reception in the foyer to celebrate the graduates big night. We took lots of pictures.

A chapter in her life closes and a new one begins. I pray that she will always feel the love and comfort of Jesus in her heart and I pray that all of her dreams and wishes come true.

Congratulations Ellie!
We are so proud of you. Job WELL done!
We love you with all of our hearts.

First Grade Field Day 2011

Don't you have great memories of Field Day??? This was G's second Field day. He was so excited and Hadley and I went up there for a little bit to cheer him on.

I can't believe I will have TWO kid participating next year!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother Day Long Weekend

I had a long weekend doing fun things last week.

Wednesday we had our neighborhood pokeeno. It was Cinco De Mayo themed so it was a little rowdier than usual. As expected since there were margaritas, tequila punch, wine, and martini's. Not to mention the Mexican food spread we had. It was a fun night with LOTS of laughs.

Thursday we had our annual Jimmy Buffet concert. Once again Frank's brother and my sister in law flew in for the event. And as usual Tay made some pretty elaborate hats. We had a great time as we always do. I swear Jimmy gets better and better every year. His concerts always make me want to go on vacation.

Friday we had our neighborhood Movie night. We have it every other weekend in the park. A big screen is set up and we usually do snacks. But this particular movie night we had a huge spread of fajitas and drinks. The kids watched UP. It was a fabulous night and one of the many reminders of why I love our neighborhood so much.

Saturday, after a birthday party, Franks mom had everyone over to celebrate Mother's Day and Scott and Tay being in town. Everyone swam and enjoyed a nice lunch. We loved getting to spend time with Bear. Robert is getting SOOOO big. I can't believe he is almost two!!! So happy we got to spend some time with them on their short visit.

On Sunday I was awoken to a yummy breakfast. Pioneer womans lemon blueberry pancakes and bacon. It was delicious!!!!! And one of my favorite parts of Mother's Day is the homemade crafts they make for me. Gavin had made me a book and I cried. And just so you know, I have the most beautiful smile and I'm playful....according to Gav anyway. They also had done some crafts with my neighbor, one of which was the beautiful frames that they made me. I love them!

Later that morning my family came over. My sister and Aunt drove in from Dallas and we all swam and ate and hung out all day and evening. I am so thankful that we have a pool to host holidays and get togethers on the HOT days. I think we will be spending a lot of time in there this summer.

It was a LONG week of celebrating...but a fun one. I can not believe summer is just around the corner!!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mother's Day Tea with Kindergarten

I got to have a little date with Ellie today at her school. We had a yummy lunch together with her class and then she got to come home early with me. :) Oh' happy day!

Here she is with her two teachers Ms. Jen and Ms. Heidi who she adores!!!

And speaking of adoring....this is what her teacher showed me yesterday when I went to pick her up from school.......
Ellie had written her teacher a note and on the envelope she wrote this:

She sounded it out phonetically. It looks like the envelope says, "Mis Shit is the Best." But her teachers name is Miss Heidi and so she wrote, Mis Hite is the best....but the e went to the next line. We all got a good laugh. Her teacher keep her letter, but I took a quick picture for the scrapbook before leaving. :)