Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring Baseball

A few months ago Gavin tried out for baseball again. He was drafted to the 9AAA Texas Rangers team. He is going to be playing, pitcher, short stop, 2nd base, and left field. He is really excited about the season and loves his coach.

I have been consumed in baseball for the last few weeks myself, besides just taking him to practices. I am the Team mom so have been handing out and getting all the paperwork organized, I made a team website that I am maintaining, made our Banner....

Made all these pendants for the boys:

And Dugout bins....

And I am doing the fundraising basket for 4 teams:

 I'm not busy at all----HA!HA!HA!
I really enjoy staying busy though...and Gavin likes for me to be involved in his activities.

My Baseball MOM shirt is back out...
here is me and my little man:

Yesterday his team had their first real game. It was a nail biter for sure. They were down the entire game until they won at the end in overtime 9-8. A steal to home plate by one of his team mates won the game for us. They ran out of the dug out and did a dog pile. You would have thought they had just won the World Series!

Baseball is in FULL SWING!!!

Let the Craziness Begin....

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

American Girl Lunch

Hadley wanted to have her birthday party at the American Girl doll store. Unfortunately, when I called a few months ago, they were booked for birthdays until April 13th. And there were no weekend appointments for large parties. So, we told her instead of a birthday we could just do lunch with a few of her friends. The downside was that her friends and cousins who are all in school full time, couldn't come. But, the bright side was that she still got to go and have lunch with a few of her close friends who don't have school full time.
Frank took the day off so he could help me. And of course we let Ellie get out of school early. I was shocked though when Gavin wanted to come too. He really wanted to get out of school I think, but I was glad he came because he was a great little helper.
So we met at our house and then headed up to Houston to the newest American Girl Doll store.
She loved her new outfit from Lexie that matched her doll Julie:

Her friends came ready with their AG babies as well...

They asked if we were celebrating anything special...and indeed we were!!

I think she might dig swapping big birthday bashes for lunch dates. They had a ball!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I can't believe my BABY is FIVE. Five is a big milestone birthday. Five is the age she is no longer with me all day and she goes to Kindergarten. We are so blessed to have this little five year old. She was a miracle from the beginning. She was as my doctor put it, "An act of God, because Science can't explain why she is here." We are so thankful for His blessing and gift of this sweet, spunky, daughter. Hadley has grown up a lot this last year. She still is very strong willed, but has started turning into a big girl as she is more aware of others feelings and has a big heart. This past year she learned so many things. She is very determined and seems to do things that most kids her age are not doing. She has a desire to be BIG and do everything the big kids are doing. She learned to Rollerblade this year, learned all her skills in tumbling to move to the back handsprings class, she started reading, started showering all by herself, learned to swim different strokes to make the swim team, and has become very independent. She has also become a great little snuggler this last year, and I am enjoying her sneaking into our bed around 5am every morning. :)

For her birthday she asked me for a desk like her sisters but purple. They are antique school desks that aren't easy to find. Thankfully I found this old 1880's desk and was able to refinish it in two days.

She LOVED it!!
And she spent most of the morning working away...

She opened presents and then had the traditional birthday donut:

Her friend Lexie came to visit and gave her a handmade outfit for her and her American Girl Julie so they could match.

We had our family come over to celebrate her birthday. Crust Pizza and Chocolate cake. Chocolate and Purple are two things you can always count on with her. And she was very particular of the order of how the evening was going to go....presents BEFORE cake.

It was a fun day celebrating her Birth. My baby is growing up! We love you so much Hadley Faith!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Her Third Trip to the ER

Hadley keeps us on our toes. She is the youngest and has been to the hospital the most. Her most recent escapade happened on Friday night. She was jumping off the stair doing "Kung Fu Ninja Warrior" kicks onto the cheer mat that she placed upright. She was jump kicking it and trying to knock it over. I had just seen her do this and had told her to stop. But, apparently what I say goes in one ear and out the other.
About 5 minutes later, I am making dinner and Frank had just walked into the door when we heard a loud crash. Frank drops everything, swoops her up and Ellie has a rice bag from the freezer in her hands in less than a blink of an eye. But it looked really bad. After flying in the air she fell back and hit her head on the bottom stair. Our stairs are wood. OUCH. She was out of it...and her head was swelling quickly. She can count to 100 very easily and when we asked her to count to 20 she said she couldn't. She said she was really tired. It looked like she had a *twinkie* under her skin, so off to the ER she went. The doctors said they weren't concerned about a concussion as much as they were afraid she had a skull fracture. She had her first CT scan.

And thankfully she was home a few hours later. The doctor said she is lucky and it's just a "humongous  bruise on her skull" not a fracture. He told us to sleep with her and keep our eye on her. I kept waking up to check on her and every time she had her hands holding her head. Poor girl.
It's hard to tell how bad it is in a picture....but you can kind of see the left side of the twinkie in this picture...the red bruise is in the middle.

The swelling is going down. I was so glad she was okay. And I was hoping that it was a lesson learned. But I'm not so sure. Yesterday my Dad was telling her how she needs to listen to me, because I want her to be safe and that is why I had told her not to do it. Otherwise she may have to go to the hospital again. She looked at him with a completely straight face and said, "Why? The hospital wasn't bad...they didn't hurt me there or anything." Clearly she has learned her lesson?!?!?!?!

Hopefully that was our last ER trip.

Saturday, February 16, 2013