Tuesday, July 29, 2008

9-1-1 What's Your Emergency??

So I usually run on the mornings when our babysitter comes over. Today I went running with my neighbor and her sweet kids came over to play and sit with Maria while we ran. When I got home, Gavin told me that he called 9-1-1 while I was gone and Maria informed me that they left a message on the answering machine. To make a long story short I called them back and spoke to the lady who informed me that Gavin called 8 times in ten minutes. I was NOT HAPPY and the 9-1-1 center wasn't happy either. Gavin and I marched straight up to his room and had a little chat. Our neighbor had told him to call and she was very apologetic as she thought it was a play phone, but Gavin knew better. So after Gavin got a swat and some time in his room he came down and just as he was leaving with Maria- the Sheriffs department showed up. Gavin started crying. He told me later that he thought the police were going to take him to Jail. It was a hard call as I was disciplining him. I wanted him to know it wasn't right but at the same time didn't want to scare him to where he wouldn't call in the event of an emergency. Anyway, I guess we know the little stinker is capable of calling if he needs too. But I can almost guarantee he won't be dialing that number again during play time.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hadley is really fighting the pacifier again. I guess I just need to give into the fact my kids aren't paci babies- at least not for long. Every time I put it in her mouth she spits it out. But she has found something else she enjoys sucking on.....her toes!! She discovered she could suck them and now she does it all the time. So we now have a toe sucker.

She has also started to master sitting up. She's been sitting up but then face planting it for a few weeks. She now can sit up for a few minutes before tumbling.

And lastly, she is starting to give kisses-Open mouth ones.
She's getting sooo big. I still can not believe how fast they grow up and especially how fast the first year of all the "firsts" goes by. Waaaa...it makes me sad!

Monday, July 21, 2008

5 Months and First Cereal

We caved in and went ahead and gave Hadley her first cereal last night. She's been reaching for our food and we discovered on the trip that she loves snowcones, ice cream, and water....so we decided it was time. So last night we mixed the cereal and we weren't all that surprised when she got excited for each bite. She gave us lots of smiles, and whined when she thought we were done feeding her. Everyone took part in her first feeding. Gavin, Ellie, Frank, Me, and Tic-Tac all fed her. Our little Momma is getting so big. I can't believe she is old enough for food. I was wondering if she'd sleep better last night but no luck.
It is hard to believe five months have passed since we welcomed her into the world. Yet, thinking back to when we didn't have her just doesn't feel right. She has brought so much joy and love to our family.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

We're Back!!!

So, I only intended on being MIA from our blog for 9 days...but the week before we left for vacation I got sick. The night of the last post Frank took me to the 24 hour emergency clinic because I felt awful. I thought I was going to die.... turns out it was Mastitis. There is a lot more that comes with mastitis than just a super, sore breast when you have a bad case of it (which I did). It is probably the worst illness I have had. It took a week to get over....but at least it was over in time for us to leave for our trip.

Our trip was AWESOME. Words can not properly describe what an amazing time we had. The house was STUNNING and the beach was just beautiful. We made our trip with our good friends the McKellars and the kids all had such a good time together. We drove there and back in the car with all three kids and they did great! I have some funny stories from the trip that I will post later but for now here are some of the pictures from the trip. I took over 600 pictures so I had to narrow them down quite a bit- but there are still a lot in the slide show below.

Great, great, memories were made. We had such a fun time that we are looking into going again maybe in September.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Dressing Sisters

I must admit that having two girls is a lot of fun because I get to dress them alike. My sister in law Tayton made Hadley and Ellie matching outfits. They got so many compliments on them today. When someone would tell Ellie how cute she and Hadley looked she'd tell them, "Thanks, my Uncle Scott made them for us." Frank was quick to jump in and say it wasn't Uncle Scott it was Aunt Tay. LOL. Anyway, here are my two little girls. Thanks Tay for the adorable outfits! I love them!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Another Little Peanut

Just wanted to do a quick update on the Hadsters. I took her in today for her 4 month appointment. (I know, I know..a little late..) Anyway, she was 13 pounds (20%) and 25 inches long (75%). Our doctor said he would not be surprised if she drops percentiles again and is small like our little Ellie Belly. Her and Ellie are on the same weight gain schedule. She looks great and is doing all the things a four month old should be doing. Our sweet little girl is starting to scoot...yep...you pat your hand and she will scoot towards you. It is really cute. She also likes to have conversations with us. We talk and then she talks, and it goes back and forth. She is sitting up in SHORT spurts. I put the boppy and everything else around her because she is sure to face plant into something if I don't. I'm sure I'll have a sitting up post soon. Anyway, just wanted to do a little update on our Doctors visit today.
Coming out of the closet with my Addiction...

To some of my close family and friends...this is not a surprise to you...to others this will probably come as a big surprise....I am an Addict. Yes, I am addicted to this little thing called GUITAR HERO. It all started back in December when my sister had us all over for her birthday. She let me play my niece and nephews new game called Guitar hero. Well, once I played I was HOOKED. And once we had a Wii...I'm sure you can guess the game mommy chose to buy. My Sister in Law Tayton came down to visit and after countless times making fun of me on the phone...she also became an addict in one day. As soon as she made it back to her house after that weekend...she had a Wii and Guitar Hero. And she is a great trash talker- and well...the competitiveness in me came out FULL force. So when she'd take a picture of her score and send it to me...I'd stay up all night until I beat her score. And then of course give her the courtesy call back just so she'd know. For my birthday they preordered me the new Guitar Hero Aerosmith. It came out this week and I got it in the mail yesterday and well...lets just say I stayed up all night playing and have three songs left before I pass the game. I am sure before I go to bed tonight...I will have played every song. :0) Tay sent Hadley a onsie that said, "Aunt Tay is my Guitar Hero." Yep, she had it made for her...but Tay...we all know who Hadley's REAL guitar hero is. But I let her wear your onsie anyway. ;-) But she keeps asking me why it says Tay instead of Mommy. After all I was rocking to guitar hero with Hadley in my belly 40 weeks pregnant......LOL.
Anyway, you know you have an addiction when you have your kids saying, "Mommy Rocks," "Mommy's the Master," and they ask, "Can we watch you jam?" I jump around, kick my legs to the side, spin in circles and really keep my audience excited!! Even Hadley watched me rock out last night. She would cry when I'd stop- it was hilarious!
So there you have it folks- Guess it could be worse, right?

Playing Aerosmith for my Groupies last night:

Haddie girl in the shirt Tay made her:

And what the shirt should REALLY say:

Got to 1,500,000 last night Tay....BEAT THAT SISTA!!