Monday, August 27, 2012

BACK TO SCHOOL 2012-2013

Today was the first day of school. Ellie started 1st grade and Gavin 3rd.

We did the annual reading "back to school" books last night. This year Ellie and Gavin read them to us.  Except for one book...."The Kissing Hand". That is the one book I like to read to them and they still like it...or pretend to. :)

Then Ellie had a cute little letter from her teacher with magic confetti in it to sprinkle under her pillow so she would get a good nights rest....

Teacher gifts were made (personalized cups with different individual drink mixes, and starbucks vias), clothes were picked out, backpacks all ready.....

We woke them up this morning and they were eager to get dressed...

Our neighborhood has an annual back to school pancake breakfast...we were excited to meet up with everyone this morning...

After breakfast we were off to school...

We went to first grade first. We are so excited that Ellie has Gavin's old teacher, Mrs. Bruno!!! She is amazing and I know it will be a wonderful year!!!

Ellie was a tad bit nervous and kept having me do things or ask me questions as I was trying to leave. And when I did leave...she ran to me at the door and started crying. I think she was definitely nervous...but I know she will LOVE first grade- especially her wonderful teacher!!

Next was 3rd grade. It is definitely a little different from 1st. Not as cool to give your mom a big kiss in front of the class but I snuck one on his cheek anyway. He knows a few kids in his class, and sits next to Lily who he has known since birth- so that helps. :) His teachers seem REALLY sweet and I have heard nothing but great things about them!

It is going to be a GREAT school year- I know it. As much as I wish summer could go on forever, I know that their classrooms are really good fits for their personalities and that they are going to grow and flourish before my eyes. I am so in love with their school and thankful that they go to a place that I love so much.

2012-2013 School Year- We are Ready!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ellie's REAL Birthday

On August 20th Ellie turned 7!! I can't believe she is 7. She was so excited about her real birthday and woke up early to open her presents.

We had her big gift hidden under a blanket. A gift I have been working on at my friends house so she wouldn't see. A 1880's antique desk that I found and refinished. It was exactly what she wanted.

And it was packed full of supplies galore. She is like me and LOVES new supplies....maybe she'll be a teacher too! Ha!

Next we sang to her and she devoured her birthday donut.

For lunch she chose our favorite sushi restaurant where Frank and I do lunch dates, Uni. It was FABULOUS. She has recently become a fan of raw peppercorn many 7 year olds like that?!?!

Later that night our family came over for dinner to celebrate. She requested a Mexican taco place that is authentic mexican, Dumass's. It is a great little hole in the wall that Frank found where everything is in spanish and they know little English. But they were tickled that our 7 year old requested their food--- it was yummy!! For dessert, I made chocolate cake from scratch. She is my only chocolate child--- and the cake was a hit even though it didn't look that "pretty".

We ended the night with more presents and then she did tent city upstairs.

All day I kept thinking about the second I laid eyes on her when she was in my arms for the first time. "I am your Mommy...." and then I looked at Frank and said, "We have a daughter." He leaned down and gave me a kiss and then we both stared with happy tears into her little eyes that were looking back at us. I remember it like yesterday...yet it was seven years ago.

Happy 7th Birthday Ellie Elizabeth!! We sure do LOVE You!!