Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We almost didn't have pumpkins to carve this year. Time got away from us as we have been crazy busy the last few weeks. Yesterday, we went to go get pumpkins at the grocery store since we were last minute and wouldn't be going to our usual patch. The grocery was all out. We hit up two more grocery stores who were both out of carving pumpkins as well. Finally we found a church who had a handful of large pumpkins left. I was so thankful when I saw them sitting there. We quickly grabbed them and came home to carve.

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!

CISD Fun Run

Gavin ran the CISD "Fun Run" yesterday. It was on the same track at McCullough where Frank and I used to run it. A flood of memories came back. He did so well and had a lot of fun doing it. Downloading the pictures last night I couldn't help but see his Daddy in him. I know they look alike, but man, in some of these pictures I felt like I was looking at Frank's childhood pictures. The older he gets the more I see it. He has his Daddy's laid back, sweet disposition too. I love this boy!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Merida's Fall Festival

Hadley decided she wanted to be Merida from Brave this year. I must admit Merida's personality fits her perfectly. :) She had so much fun at her school that day. The wig, which in my opinion makes the outfit, didn't quite make it all day. But she had a blast wig or not.

My Doctor and I....

went to our neighborhood Halloween party this weekend. We had So. Much. Fun!! We had no idea what to expect but it blew our expectations for sure. We had to leave at 1:15 to get back to the babysitter....that hasn't happened in A VERY LONG TIME. And the party was still going full steam ahead when we left. We had fun dancing and getting to know a lot of new faces we hadn't met. We are still getting to know all of our new neighbors. I had to laugh when some people we didn't know really thought I was pregnant. Who knew spanks and a pillow insert could look so real?!? It probably didn't help that I was constantly rubbing my belly and resting my hands on it (weird, how that just naturally comes back to you).We have found our new neighborhood to be so inviting and fun. I love that they have so many get togethers. We have a big Christmas bash up next and we can hardly wait!

Highstepper Camp

I was a Highstepper, and was excited when Ellie wanted to go to Highstepper camp. She had a blast learning a dance to the Monster Mash. And was VERY excited that Syd and Taylor were there with her. She is already looking forward to the next camp in February.

More Baseball...

Baseball is almost over. Two more games and then the playoffs. To say it's been a rough season would be an understatement. It's Gavin's first time to be on a non winning team. He is not used to loosing and has had a hard time with it. He has had an emotional season. But there are great lessons to learn in loosing too, they just aren't as fun. Gavin is about to finish his Fall season but is still deciding if he wants to play either "select" baseball in the spring or give tennis and Football a shot. I think he is a gifted athlete and probably will do well at whichever he chooses, but I hope that he choose baseball or tennis. Football would be hard for this mama to watch- concussions and broken bones scare me! I guess time will tell.... For now we are enjoying our last few games of baseball.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Book Character Parade

Today Gavin and Ellie had to dress up like a character from their favorite book. Gavin just finished the second Harry Potter so his choice was easy. Ellie wasn't so sure, but decided to go with a Junie B. Jones book as she loves that series. After much debate, she settled on Junie B. is a Graduation Girl. Here are my little book characters. I am so thankful that they are readers---and for the most part---love books!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Our Little Pitcher.

I am one proud Mama. Gavin has a great arm and has proven to be a great little pitcher. He has a really fast ball and has done great his first two games. Last night the pressure was on and he caught a fly ball and threw all strikes to the last two batters winning the game. His coach had told him, "It is up to you if we win or lose." I guess he does well under pressure. I love going to his games and watching him!