Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We almost didn't have pumpkins to carve this year. Time got away from us as we have been crazy busy the last few weeks. Yesterday, we went to go get pumpkins at the grocery store since we were last minute and wouldn't be going to our usual patch. The grocery was all out. We hit up two more grocery stores who were both out of carving pumpkins as well. Finally we found a church who had a handful of large pumpkins left. I was so thankful when I saw them sitting there. We quickly grabbed them and came home to carve.

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!


Vytaute said...

Happy Halloween !!! And best wishes from us in Belgium !

Little Miss Sunshine said...

Happy Halloween from Germany. I am always a little bit sad, that nearly nobody has traditions like carving pumpkins in Germany.
Love the pictures and this tradition!!!