Monday, May 28, 2012

Tiny Dancer- Hadley's Ballet Recital

It was Hadley's time to shine again. She had her ballet recital at the Woodlands Pavilion and she was more excited than ever to have us come watch her and for her Daddy to come get her off the stage when she was done.

We stayed for three hours, everyone enjoyed watching all the other acts perform. I was reminded again why we love Boni's and how good the dance studio is. To put on a show like that and have it run smoothly amazes me. And the older dancers are truly amazing!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I was woken up to Breakfast in Bed and was it ever YUMMY!!! Chocolate chip pancakes with banana's and sausage!!!!

My favorite thing on Mother's day is the homemade gifts and cards. One of the cards I got said  "I am so thankful you are my Muther. You are the best Muther in the whole world and you are so nis to love." Oh my little Ellie cute. Who wouldn't have the best day after getting that first thing in the morning?!? I also got a new bookmark from G, and sweet, sweet cards from all of them.

I am the one is so THANKFUL to be their Mama!!! And they are so Nice to love. :)

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Paws For Pride Award

WE were so proud of Ellie when we got an email from the principal saying she was selected from the entire kindergarten for the Paws For Pride award in April. We were invited to go watch her get the award. They awarded her on the morning announcements and she was surprised when she walked down there and Frank and I were waiting in the studio for her. One student from each grade level gets the award every month and for the month of April she was the student chosen for having outstanding behavior and going above and beyond showing good character all around.