Saturday, June 30, 2012

10 Years of Service

Last week Franks' Boss flew us both out to Birmingham to celebrate Frank being with Interconn for 10 years. It was a nice quick get away and I am so proud of Frank.

While he worked the first morning his Boss sent me to Ross Bridge (which I love) to get a little love at the Spa. It was a very relaxing afternoon.

Afterwards we got ready for the dinner celebration at The Club. The food was fantastic and it had a spectacular view.....

We had a very yummy dinner and had a great time with his co-workers. I can not believe he has been there for ten years. It is crazy how much things have changed, and how much they have grown. Frank started there as a Gas trader and ten years later is now the Senior Vice President of Trading and Asset Management. In honor of his ten years, his Boss bought him a watch with his initials, their company name, and 10 years of service engraved on the back.

It was a very nice getaway...and a great celebration. I was reminded once again what a great company he works for and what great people he works with. I think it is rare to find that many good people....and ones who stay together for so long. Ten Years--- Congrats Frank!!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sleepovers, Dress-up, Make-up, and Dancing

The girls have been loving being extra "girly" this summer. They have been playing with a lot of make-up, dressing up, singing, dancing, and performing. Frank, Gavin, and I get shows nearly daily. Last week we got an extra long show as the girls had a sleepover and they all made up their own songs and dances to perform for us. They cracked us up....

Oh yes, and lots of tumbling in the front room. I am not sure what they will do when our furniture comes in a few weeks. :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012


The week we got back from Bora Bora, the kids went to VBS. They go to the same one every year at the Church where Frank and I got married. They had such a fun week there with their friends. They had some extra fun days too...

Crazy hair day...

And Backwards Day...

It was a fun week and we are all still singing the songs. The girls especially loved all the music. When I asked Ellie what she wanted to do for her of the things she said was "I could do a praise and worship birthday party. You could play my VBS and Church CD's and my friends can all come and do praise and worship?!!" I thought that was so cute!! :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

BORA BORA Miscellaneous

Here are a bunch of pictures that really didn't "fit" into a category.

Here is Frank from under our coffee table in our room.

Our favorite cocktail- the Bora Bora

Sunset over Mt. Otemanu

Frank relaxing off our bungalow..

Kayaking the ocean

A trip to the pearl market to pick up two black pearls for Ellie and Hads.

Where we had lunch almost every single day.

The pool where they served fresh fruit and homemade sorbet every day breakfast plate...seriously fantastic food. And yes that is raw fish. I loved their Tahitian raw fish that I seriously ate it breakfast, lunch, and dinner some days...

Yolo boarding.

The ocean side of the was crazy how different it is from the lagoon. We could always here the ocean roaring from the lagoon.

Sensational sushi...

Our resort from the air...

A check off the top of our "Bucket List" for sure.... Not sure anything else will ever top this trip.

BORA BORA Polynesian Dancers

On our anniversary we went and saw a dance show. At the end they go through the audience and pull people on stage....I was shocked that a lot of people said "no." But when they asked me I jumped right up. :) I went on stage and had to copy the girl dancing...I am sure I made a fool of my self, but I was a good sport about it. :) It was on our anniversary night. Frank couldn't figure out how to use the camera but he got it on video. Ha.

They let us take a picture with them after I had danced.

BORA BORA Nightly Pictures

Every night we were there we took pictures with the camera can see how much more relaxed we get with each night.

Night 1
After 11 hours of travelling.....

Night 2

Night 3

Night 4
(We may or may not have hit happy hour before getting ready for dinner this night.)

Night 5
Frank was commenting on my heels and me being taller...

Night 6

Night 7
(Our Anniversary)

Night 8

I love that we did this!