Saturday, June 30, 2012

10 Years of Service

Last week Franks' Boss flew us both out to Birmingham to celebrate Frank being with Interconn for 10 years. It was a nice quick get away and I am so proud of Frank.

While he worked the first morning his Boss sent me to Ross Bridge (which I love) to get a little love at the Spa. It was a very relaxing afternoon.

Afterwards we got ready for the dinner celebration at The Club. The food was fantastic and it had a spectacular view.....

We had a very yummy dinner and had a great time with his co-workers. I can not believe he has been there for ten years. It is crazy how much things have changed, and how much they have grown. Frank started there as a Gas trader and ten years later is now the Senior Vice President of Trading and Asset Management. In honor of his ten years, his Boss bought him a watch with his initials, their company name, and 10 years of service engraved on the back.

It was a very nice getaway...and a great celebration. I was reminded once again what a great company he works for and what great people he works with. I think it is rare to find that many good people....and ones who stay together for so long. Ten Years--- Congrats Frank!!!

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