Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break

Our Spring Break started with Robert. While he was here we had noticed that sugars eye was a little goopy. By the next day her eye had a gray like film on it. We took her to the vet who immediately sent us to an Ocular Emergency Room with her. Long story short, she had eyelashes that were growing into her eyeball. Poor girl had emergency surgery but was home that same night around 11pm. She had a cornea transplant. The things they do now with dogs amazes me. Our baby girl never cried ONE time. The doctors have been telling us over and over that we have the sweetest bulldog they have ever met. She is an easy patient. She got lots of love and I think the surgery to her was worth the extra attention she got all week. It was like a baby waking up every few hours to give her meds. And she couldn't be with our other dog Tippy. So she got lots of one on one time.

We had been thinking about surprising the kids and taking off to Destin for the remainder of the Spring Break or to the Hill Country...but all plans ceased when sugar had surgery. We couldn't leave her so we spent Spring Break at home.

We did crafts. The girls made this cute Easter Egg garland:

My hubby built me a garden out back....

The girls went to a painting class...

And we went to the Sam Houston Museum. My model student, Ellie, wanted to go see it after learning about him in school.

We heated the pool all week so the kids did a lot of swimming.

And we had sleepovers, air soft gun battles, and tent sleeping out back....

We tried to make the week as fun as possible. Frank took off the whole week to spend time with the kiddos so we had lots of family time.
And again...lots of this...

Spring Break 2013 in the books!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Bearzie...A.K.A. Robert, our nephew, the kids cousin got to come and spend a few days with us over Spring Break. To say that my kids were excited, would be a HUGE understatement. They have been looking forward to his "sleepover party" since Thanksgiving. I love watching them all together. I love the memories that they are making and I hope that they will love each other this much always.

They all camped out in the den the first night, watched a movie and played. Bear is such a great snuggler.  He is also the sweetest little boy. We were constantly getting, "I Love you's!" He truly is a gem of a kid, and I am not just biased because I am his Aunt. He has such a kind, loving heart.

We took him to Toy's R Us to let him pick out a toy. We found his favorite-- Octonaunts- SCORE!

Him and Hadley came home to test it was pretty cool. We played with it in the sink, bathtub and spa too. :)

Gav is like his big brother. They were so cute together.

We took him to Pump It Up. We all had so much fun.

And we had a silly string fight...He loved it once he figured it out. He got Ellie Good with a little help from Uncle Frankie.

I think we wore him out because one of the days he took a nap on each of us.

He had fun wrestling Gavin...

And making cupcakes with me....

...but most of all we had the most fun making memories with him....

We are already looking forward to the next "sleepover party."

We love you Robert!!!

Friday, March 08, 2013


Hadley was excited to get dressed up for Go Western Day. Despite our disagreement in the morning about which boots she should wear, she had a great day. I gave in and let her wear the pink boots that she desperately wanted to wear even though she had cute brown boots that matched. This is my only child who has an opinion about her clothes---the other two will wear whatever I put out for them. She looked like a doll in her western get up--pink boots and all.