Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Our Little Princess's Birthday..

What a fun day our little diva had today. She woke up around 6:30 and came into our room to snuggle asking "is it my birthday?" We got up and went to get pink donuts and kolaches from the donut shop and then came home to eat and sing to her. She opened up her presents from us- her first bike (princess of course), Dora Leapster Game, Doll cradle, Fancy Nancy book, and play dough. We played with all of her new things this morning before getting ready for our big outing- Old Towne Spring. We all headed out at lunchtime to the Doll Hospital in Old Towne Spring where Ellie got to pick out a new baby and then we went to Ellens for some lunch. We were hoping to go to the tea room for a tea party but it closed. Ellens was yummy though. Then we came home for naps and when she woke up our family came over. She had so much fun running around with her cousins and playing with her grandparents. She was a very spoiled little girl. She got a bunch of crafty stuff which she loves, a pink guitar and Taylor Swift CD, an adorable doll house, diamond earrings, shiny lipstick and an adorable outfit. After playing with her dollhouse and jamming to Taylor Swift with the guitar...we finally started bed time at 9:45 and read her new Fancy Nancy Posh Puppy book. It was definitely a GREAT THIRD birthday for our little Miss. As I was snuggling her tonight before bed all I could think about was how three years ago at this very time I was doing the same thing in a hospital room. My how time flies.

Happy Birthday Ellie Belly! You are such a blessing to our lives. I still remember like it was yesterday the day I found out you were a girl and the day I first met you. I wished then and I still hope today that we will always be close and be best friends. I feel so lucky to be your mom. What a blessing you are to our family. I love you more than you will ever know.
Happy third birthday Ellie Kiasin T Game Morgan!!
Hospital Picture
First Birthday
Second Birthday

Monday, August 18, 2008

Six Months Old

Hadley Faith is six months old today. On one hand I feel like I was just watching her kick in my belly and on the other I feel like she has always been a part of our little family. She is getting so big but is still tiny at the same time. She weighs a whopping 15lbs. 3oz.. She is growing and changing so much. She is loving food these days and no more wibble wobbling when she sits up on her own. She is getting very good at scooting to where she wants to go and her favorite thing to do is look at herself in her mirror. She is finally starting to sleep better and she is finally sleeping in her own bed. She wakes up usually once a night and sometimes even sleeps all the way until 5:30am on rare occasion. Usually we get a 4:30 wake up call and then she sleeps until 7:30am. She is a strong little girl who is bound to have abs of steel because she is constantly trying to sit up from a laying down position. And when you pick her up and carry her on your hip she grips you really tight with her legs. And when you tell her to give you kisses she now grabs your face before opening her mouth and drooling all over you. I love the feel of those little hands on my cheeks. Both kids still adore her, but this past month Ellie has been treating her like she is her baby doll. She wants to feed her, change her diaper, put her blanket on her. Ellie wants to be the one who gets her out of bed when we hear her wake up. And Hadley has taken to Ellie also. I love watching the close bond that forms between sibblings. Hadley is such a sweet, easy going little girl. We just love her so much. I can't imagine our lives without her. Six Months. Wow. In six more months this sweet little girl will be turning one year. For now I am trying to take in every day all the little things she does, and all the changes that are happening so fast. We love you Hadley Faith Morgan. Happy Six Months!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Weekend at the Cabin
We just got home from a WONDERFUL, RELAXING weekend at the Cabin. My parents built a log home three years ago on a mountain that overlooks Concan, Texas and the Frio River. It is BEAUTIFUL and so peaceful out there. Ashamedly this was only our second time to make the drive in three years. We were fearful of the 6 hour drive- but after our trip to Destin we quickly realized our kids love road trips. Needless to say the trip was well worth the six hours and we are already planning our trip back. The kids loved sitting on the cedar post porch and watching the deer and wildlife come up to their acre land all day. Of course Mema and Pepa supplied lots of deer corn and have more than a few bird houses set up all over the land for us to bird watch. My parents purposely didn't put a television in the house which makes it nice to visit, read, play games, and do things together as a family. Every morning we'd get up early and eat breakfast, enjoy a cup of coffee on the porch and then head to the river. It is low right now and to many- a pain....but for us it was wonderful with three kids four and under. It was nice and shallow and the kids had fun swimming around, body surfing the rapids, and fishing.
On Friday night we went to the second largest bat cave in the WORLD. Yes, I said WORLD people. It was one of the most incredible things I have ever witnessed. TEN MILLION bats live in this cave and come out every night. We were feet away from the bats flying out and then over our heads. It looked like a black river circling in the sky. Falcons and Hawks know the routine and wait patiently for the bats to come out like clockwork at 7:30 every night. They swoop in and catch the bats. I was a little freaked out when a bat fell from above us at my mom's feet. But it got up and kept flying.
Gavin was so bummed that we didn't get one last swim in today. When we woke up it was raining so we quickly packed the car and headed home in fear of flooding since they've had no rain. Thanks again for a wonderful weekend Mema and Pepa. And thanks for the Cabin and all the memories already made there and the ones to come.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

We Miss You Maria....

We Miss You Maria....
So, you just left and we are already missing you. Ellie cried the entire car ride home from the airport when she realized you are not coming back. (Along with Mommy) I can't believe three months passed so quickly. Thank you for loving our kids and for all you did for us this summer. You are an amazing person and we feel so lucky to have gotten to know you and spend so much time with you this summer. I will definitely miss your help with the kids, but more than that I will miss your friendship. We hope to see you soon Maria! ¡Te amamos y faltamos! ¡Mantenga en contacto!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Tennis Camp

The kids finished their week of tennis camp today. Needless to say they loved it!!
Where's Hadley?

So I run upstairs to get all three kids clothes for the day and when I come back downstairs I find Hadley like this:

Apparently Gavin thought she needed some toys to play with.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hadley's Look Alike This is my Nanny at three months old. (Hadley is five months a little older) The resemblance is uncanny. We definitely know who she looks like.
Hadley is a lucky little girl! Hopefully she will get her spirit as well and will be running around town being as active as her Great Nanny when she is 87.