Friday, July 29, 2011

VBS, Mema Marathon, and the Circus

The kids finished another fun week of VBS last week. Gavin and Ellie had a blast at Panda-mania and enjoyed memorizing bible verses and raising money for a school!!
They also went to another movie with my mom, to continue their summer movie marathon they've been doing with her. She has been taking them periodically to see movies and spend time with them. They are LOVING their time with her. And I am so thankful that she takes the time to make memories with them while they are on summer break. They are lucky little kiddos to have her.
We ended the week with a visit to the Ringling Brother's Circus. We went with the McKellars and had great seats on the floor. The kids LOVED it!!

Another great week down on Summer Break. I can't believe it is almost over.... Wahhh.....

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cold Springs, Texas with the Mckellars

This past weekends our good friends invited us up to their lake house in Cold Springs, Texas. We had so much fun with them at their beautiful Lake House.

We were warned that they have a 12 foot alligator that lives in front of their house. He greeted us the second we got there. We spent a lot of time watching him swim around. Ellie didn't understand why I didn't want her jumping off their rope swing into the water. Really Ellie?!?

I taught G how to play pool the first night we got there. He was pretty good. We are a good match for each other. I barely beat him.

Meanwhile the girls played Cheerleader:

Then it was time for the kids to go to bed (And for the adults to play games).

The house has five bedrooms but they all wanted to sleep in the same room. Even Weston slept in the room with them. Weston (Dub Dubs) and Gav shared a bed and the girls all slept on a feather bed on the floor.

Saturday morning after breakfast we got ready to go out on the Lake bright and early.

And then we got the Tube out...and spent a lot of the day watching these kiddos tube all around the lake.... Clearly they were having the time of their lives....

My Dare devil kept screaming and giving the sign for "Faster, Faster"

And kept doing this...whatever that means...

We stopped for a break at the island to jump out and swim around. The kids had fun playing in the sand.

And then back to more boat fun...

Then it was Frank's turn to drive so Greg could show off his moves...

And we knee-boarded. Haven't done that since high school and I am happy to say I can still do it. LOL. Greg and Frank knee boarded also, and Gav and Lex got pulled on the board as well..

After Lunch the JET SKI'S came out. More Fun.

And in between Jet Skiing and boating fun, we fished. We did a lot of fishing- especially Gav and I.
It was a SUPER FUN weekend. Thank you McKellar family for inviting us up to spend the weekend with you guys!! We had a blast!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wow Science Camp

G & E just finished a week of WOW Science Camp- their favorite camp all summer. Next year Hadley gets to go!! They claim this was the best year yet- but they say that every year.