Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Sound Of Music, Boni's Recital 2010

We were so proud of Ellie and her class. They did an awesome job yesterday!! You could see it all over their faces that they all loved performing in front of an audience. It was at the Cynthia Mitchell Woods Pavilion (Where I saw Jimmy Buffet) and they had quite the crowd. Here are a few (who are we kidding...a bunch) pictures from her big night.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Going on Strong for One Week.

I really haven't tried potty training with Hadley. She would ask to go here and there over the last few months and I'd let her if she asked, but I didn't try. I wanted to wait until school was out. And I was secretly hoping she'd train herself like Ellie did. I was pretty much dreading it. Last Friday she told me she wanted to go potty so I took her diaper off and sure enough she did it. I am proud to say, we've been going strong ever since with only ONE accident when the diaper is off. I let her run around the house naked all day, and just put a pull-up on for bed and when we go out. I must admit that although I never ask her, "do you need to go potty," she just tells me....there is a little bribery going on. Every time she goes I give her a treat. As soon as she goes she is screaming, "CANDY...I get CANDY." And she doesn't stop until a sucker or sweet tart is in her possession. So she may have had a box of conversation hearts, two lollipops, and a thing of sweet tarts by 10am the other morning. Heck, the way I see it....if we get a cavity from this past week- it was so worth it to not have to fight a child to potty. So Hallelujah...I think I see a diaper free future on the horizon. And she kind of did it on her own......with just a little help from the candy jar. I am so proud of my BIG GIRL.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hadley Swimming

Two years, three months. I'm so proud of my Hadley Girl.
Carlea has taught all three of my kids to swim. I love her!!
4 lessons down, a few more to go. We have a little fishy!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


We scored last minute tickets to Taylor Swift and did we ever have a blast. No shock to anyone that she is Ellie's favorite, but I LOVE her too. She is a great performer and talented artist. I was so excited to be going, and to be going on a double date with my girlfriend, Allison and her sweet little girl, George-Anna. The girls were excited and had a blast. Pizza, sprite, cotton candy, light necklaces, and Taylor t-shirts....we got the whole concert experience. And our seats were awesome. We were on the side but really close to the stage. Fun, Fun, Night. And I'm pretty sure the girls will be talking about it for awhile.

About to leave for the show:
The four of us on our way out:
Running through the Toyota Center:
Matching Taylor Swift Shirts:
Alli and Georgie:
Me and Elle Bells:
Eating Pizza:
We sat next to the sheet that blocks off rows... in case we got cold we could wrap up. LOL:
Although we were to the side, or view was pretty good, especially when that curtain went up:
Cotton Candy.....for future reference...stick with Pink:
light mustaches:
Georgie and Alli:
Me and Ellie Belly:
Kelli Pickler:
Go Taylor:
10 o'clock and the girls are still rockin' although getting tired:
Getting REALLY tired....but still singing the songs:
Such a fun night!! Alli & Georgie, I am glad it worked out. We had fun seeing Taylor and spending the evening with you girls!!! GREAT NIGHT!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

G.O.T.W. 2010

This past weekend we went down to Galveston for our first "Girls Only Tiki Weekend." Yes, it will be an annual trip from now on. :) We had a blast. Thank you Allison for opening up your beautiful home to us and planning it all. And I must say, I love my personalized G.O.T.W. 2010 shirt!! I have known all of these girls for years and it still amazes me how little trips like this, still grow us closer. Allow you to learn things about each other that you still didn't know. There was a lot of laughing until you were crying, emotional moments, and just plain fun. Get 11 girls together and it is easy to talk until 3:30am every morning. Bingo at the Bingo hall, pedicures, playing at the beach, doing each others hair and makeup, eating out, playing getting to know you games and questions- that is what our weekend was all about. It was a BLAST!!! I love each and every one of you girls and am so thankful for your friendships!!