Thursday, February 25, 2010

2 Year Well Check

Took Hads to her 2 year well check this morning. She is doing great and right on her own little growth chart curve. Was trying to find Ellie's weight/height at this age but I can't find it. All the other appointments Hads has always been smaller but I am thinking she surely passed up her sister at the 2 year. Whole Milk 3 times a day makes a BIG difference. Ellie didn't do milk. Anyway, here are her stats for today. Gotta blog them or I will loose them like I lost Ellie's.

Height 33.25 inches- 25%
Weight 24 lbs.- 10%
Head 18.5 inches-25%

Friday, February 19, 2010

How She Spent Her Big Day

8:30- Woke up and heard Mommy and Ellie sing Happy Birthday while still in bed

8:45- another round of singing before eating my pink sprinkle donut

9:30- got dressed and Mommy took pictures outside

10:15- Headed to Toys R Us and picked out some toys. They gave me a birthday crown and balloon since it was my big day.

11:00- Met Daddy at Jasons Deli for Lunch and ice cream

12:45- Came home and played with my new dress up dolls

2:00- Nap time

4:00- Woke up and got attacked by my brother with hugs and kisses for my birthday

5:30- My family all came over for my birthday. We ate my favorite, Classics Pizza. Mommy made a princess cake for me. It was all yummy.

8:00- My big day ends as I read a book and snuggle buggle then go to bed....what a day. be two again....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Baby Girl Is TWO Today

Two years ago in about an hour (9:46am) I gave birth to my third baby, sweet little Hadley Faith. Oh how I love this little girl. She has added so much joy to our family and has been such a little blessing. I am so thankful God chose me to be her Mommy. Every year on her birthday I am reminded that miracles do happen. She wasn't supposed to be here according to science. But when a miracle happened our doctor told us that "God had BIG plans" for our child and I will never forget him thanking us for allowing him to witness a miracle. Then when she was born, she had her cord criss-crossed around her body and we were told "an Angel" was watching over her. We knew she was special from the get go.
She is full of spunk and personality. She LOVES to sing. Loves to talk. She wants to grow up and be just like her big sister and brother. She is little Miss Independent. She loves books. LOVES Babies. Loves to swing. Loves to accessorize. And loves to "shnuggle buggle." Oh how I love to snuggle buggle her at night. I love that she is still a Mamas girl and am enjoying every minute of it. Happy Birthday to my spunky baby girl. We love you Hadley Faith Morgan!

Here she is this morning with her pink with sprinkles birthday donut. She was so cute as she sang Happy Birthday with Ellie and I. At the end if you listen closely you can hear her say, "Happy birthday to Ewwwie (Ellie)."

Sunday, February 07, 2010


G is VERY excited to be the Star Student this week. We had to send in his poster with pictures last week and he gets to share it this week. He helped me pick out the pictures he wanted to share and I interviewed him.
This is what we got:


One of my best friends turned 30 last Friday. Her husband, Mom, and I threw her a surprise party. She really had no clue until the day of and then got a little suspicious. Although she swore she didn't want anything, I think she is happy we did it. Even if she was cursing my name outside her parents house right before when she spotted my car on the next street over and realized people were inside. LOL. All her closest friends came to help celebrate and she will have that memory forever. She had a fun night. We love you Stacy and are thankful you were born 30 years ago!!

Saturday she came to pick me up as we were going to a baby shower. I opened the door and we both started laughing. We weren't wearing the same outfit, but we were definitely thinking similarly when we were getting dressed. LOL.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Drew Carey? Jay Leno? Carl, the Old Man From UP?

it's Gavin Dressing up like he's 100 years old.
Today is the 100th Day of school.
A Little Powder, some eyeliner for wrinkles, 3D glasses with the lenses popped out, add a little acting and it all works out!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Dinner with Dogs

Yesterday I watched my sweet friends girls. I have been friends with their Mama for years and have known each of them since they were born. We had so much fun playing yesterday, but dinner may have been the most fun. I had made chicken and saffron rice for dinner and gave the kids each a chicken leg. Well, Monkey see, monkey do. All of the sudden we are eating and all the kids start barking in chant....WITH BONES IN THEIR MOUTH! Frank grabbed the video camera and I grabbed my camera.
Here are the little animals we enjoyed our dinner with last night: