Thursday, February 25, 2010

2 Year Well Check

Took Hads to her 2 year well check this morning. She is doing great and right on her own little growth chart curve. Was trying to find Ellie's weight/height at this age but I can't find it. All the other appointments Hads has always been smaller but I am thinking she surely passed up her sister at the 2 year. Whole Milk 3 times a day makes a BIG difference. Ellie didn't do milk. Anyway, here are her stats for today. Gotta blog them or I will loose them like I lost Ellie's.

Height 33.25 inches- 25%
Weight 24 lbs.- 10%
Head 18.5 inches-25%


Kristyn said...

What a growing girl. She's going to catch up with Jayce soon. Jayce is 27lbs and 35inches tall.

Our Life Together said...

I am glad she is doing well! Can't wait to see what mister luke is next month.