Wednesday, March 31, 2010

School Hunt and Bird Nest Treats

Today was hunt number two for the girls. Hadley was so excited that she didn't even mind me taking pictures of her before school. She kept saying "Easter" and "Bunny" all the way to school as she had her Easter basket in hand. These pictures are proof that she can smile and can sometimes tolerate my picture taking addiction.

My neighbor had asked me to watch her girls today after school so I had gone and gotten some things for us to make an after school treat. I saw these on another blog and decided to try it. All you do is take a stick of butter and melt it in a pan. Add a bag of mini marshmallows, and then dump in a few sleeves of shredded wheat cereal (The rectangle kind) crushed. It's kind of like a rice crispy treat. I dumped a spoonful on each wax paper and they made a birds nest. Then we added some robin eggs and voila. Definitely not a healthy after school snack, but they loved it and it was easy and fun. :) And I may just LOVE Robin it may have been a selfish reason for me to have a treat too.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lake House Party

Saturday we were invited to a crawfish party at our friends Lake House. It was so much fun!! The kids had a blast playing in the sand, flying kites, playing washers, blowing bubbles, eating Popsicles, and running around the lake side. It was a beautiful day! Thanks for a great time Toni and Preston. We had a blast!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hadley Singing

I took a video of Hadley today singing...she looked like a wreck. But for some reason she didn't mind performing in front of the camera even if she was covered in food, crazy haired, and drooling ice cream with a runny nose. Go figure. So we decided to take advantage. Usually she yells, "No Mommy, NOOOO" when I take any kind of camera out.
All of our kids sing...but I must say she sings the most. We'll be listening to music and she chimes in all the time. Frank and I are constantly amazed with the things she picks up. We have our own name that tune contestant always in the car. And if it's a song she likes, usually Taylor Swift or Sugarland, she yells "TURN IT UP!" And her teachers tell me all the time how they are amazed at her singing. I don't think it's the actual voice.... more that she sings the songs and LOVES to do it. At 2 years one month we have a full fledged singer.

And since this post is about Hadley, here is a Hadley funny..... This week we met our friends for a picnic lunch and rode the trolly. When we were walking back to the car we saw an older lady with lavendar hair. And Hadley put her hand on her head and said, "Look purple hair."

Gotta love this girl.

Just Because

I think they are cute and they make me smile...

Friday Favorites

Thought I'd share a favorite, Ebelskivers (also known as filled pancakes). I've been meaning to share it for awhile. I got this awesome pan from Williams Sonoma for Christmas. It's one of those fun pans that I am now addicted to giving as a gift to people who like to cook. My kids LOVE it. And it makes more than just filled pancakes. I even have an ebelskiver cookbook that has recipes for dinner, appetizers, and desserts.
Here are our favorite filled pancakes that we make on the weekends. The trick to the batter (which is a regular pancake batter recipe) is separating the eggs and whipping the egg whites to peaks before mixing all together. Our two favorite fillings are lemon custard and chocolate chips. (Not together of course) So here is what our Sunday mornings look like....

Adding the whipped egg whites to the pancake mix:

Here is the pan:

Butter added:

batter added:

Filling added (lemon custard):
Here is the chocolate chips:

Cover the filling:

Flip them over:

See how puffy they get?

Sprinkle with powdered sugar:


So if you are looking for something new to try in your kitchen...GO GET ONE. I love it!! And I'm sure everyone else in your family will love it too!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Official...'s really been official since the first time we put her on G's old bike. But the training wheels are now off her bike and she's loving every minute of it.
Off she goes...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break at the Cabin

We spent the last half of our Spring Break in Concan at Mema and Pepa's cabin. My sister and her family joined us. It was a lot of fun. It is so relaxing up there in the Hill Country. The view is just beautiful and it's so relaxing and peaceful. We spent a lot of time on the porch, in the yard, and at the river. We even went Kayaking down the Frio, with ALL the kids. Yes, EVEN Hadley. She was a little difficult at first, but ended up sitting on my sisters lap and did great, rapids and all. We fed the deer, BBQ'd, fished, read books and played games. My parents decided when building their house that it would not have a television, which we love. It's a nice break from the outside world. We are already looking forward to our next trip out there. We will definitely be going back this summer. All in all, I'd say the kids loved their Spring Break vacation.