Friday, March 26, 2010

Hadley Singing

I took a video of Hadley today singing...she looked like a wreck. But for some reason she didn't mind performing in front of the camera even if she was covered in food, crazy haired, and drooling ice cream with a runny nose. Go figure. So we decided to take advantage. Usually she yells, "No Mommy, NOOOO" when I take any kind of camera out.
All of our kids sing...but I must say she sings the most. We'll be listening to music and she chimes in all the time. Frank and I are constantly amazed with the things she picks up. We have our own name that tune contestant always in the car. And if it's a song she likes, usually Taylor Swift or Sugarland, she yells "TURN IT UP!" And her teachers tell me all the time how they are amazed at her singing. I don't think it's the actual voice.... more that she sings the songs and LOVES to do it. At 2 years one month we have a full fledged singer.

And since this post is about Hadley, here is a Hadley funny..... This week we met our friends for a picnic lunch and rode the trolly. When we were walking back to the car we saw an older lady with lavendar hair. And Hadley put her hand on her head and said, "Look purple hair."

Gotta love this girl.

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parsonsfamily said...

that's adorable! I would love for Addison to sing, but I'm thinking she the genes in our family are not on her side. So glad you guys can make it in a couple of weeks!