Sunday, November 30, 2008

Just in Time for Christmas Pictures

Frank was in the garage with the two older kiddos when I heard a LOUD scream and lots of tears. I ran into the garage and there was Ellie with a gardening weeder in her nose. Yes, she was apparently playing with it and then fell and one of the spikes went in her nose. It was a small hole but VERY deep. We quickly got antiseptic and gauze on it and I ran to Walgreen's for some liquid bandage. It stung a bit, but she was a trooper. Anyway, even though the liquid bandage was enough, she still insisted on a regular band aid. Perfect timing for her injury as we were just about to take our Christmas card pictures. Soooo either I will be doing some MAJOR photoshop editing or we will be pulling out an older picture for our Christmas cards.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Preschool Feast

Gavin and Ellie had their annual Thanksgiving Feast at school last week. Gavin was a "program." And Ellie was an Indian with a name she chose for herself, "Princess Baby Horsey." Frank has come the last few years and was able to make it again. We had fun enjoying a feast with our little Pilgrim and Indian.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...
Bye-Bye Orange and Yellow, Hello Red and Green. I can hardly believe we are weeks away from Christmas. I think this year we got a head start even EARLIER than usual. It all started last week when Gavin wanted me to find the Jingle Bell Rock CD. I think that is what kick started getting our decorations out a bit early. We've been singing different Christmas songs in the car all week and Gavin and Ellie were a bit excited to get the house decorated.
Soooo.....bye-bye Fall...
And Hello Christmas....

We finished the night with some hot cocoa...and we didn't forget the colored marshmallows or whipped cream....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

9 Month and 5 Year Well Check
Well I took Gavin and Hadley to their well checks today. I decided to combine the two appointments since they coincided around the same time. They both did great considering we were there for about 2 hours. Gavin failed his hearing test in his left ear...but it was most likely due to an ear infection. He woke up at midnight last night and was up for a few hours crying on and off because of a sore ear. So, we will have it retested in a few months so he can have a clear pass before starting Kindergarten.

Todays Stats....

Gavin @ 5 years old:
43.75 inches tall-75th percentile
42.5 pounds-75th percentile

Hadley at 9 months:
27 inches tall- 25th percentile
16.4 pounds-10th percentile

We all know what a little peanut Ellie is and if you can believe this....Ellie weighed more than Hadley at not only nine months but she weighed more than Hadley does now at 7 months. I so thought maybe Hads had a growth spurt and would pass her sister at this age, but apparently I was wrong. Another little, tiny peanut. I suspect she'll be around 0-5% for weight at a year if she follows her sister. At least we have been down this route before and are not worried. We just make itty bitty girls I guess. Gav on the other hand, still has a chance of having some height....guess time will tell with him.....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

9 Months

Trying to be a big girl is what Hadley is ALL about lately. She is definitely going to be a little independent thing like her big sister. She wants to feed herself, explore everything she isn't supposed to, and likes to set her own schedule. Hadley is EVERYWHERE these days. Her favorite places to explore are: outlets (great one, right?), rocks in the fireplace, decorative balls, and the kitchen floor to eat leftover food she threw over the highchair. She also likes to walk with the kitchen chairs by pushing them around, pulling up and standing on her own, and climbing stairs. She is almost over baby food entirely and only wants to eat solid foods that she can feed herself. She still nurses every three hours but only gets up one time during the night. She is so sweet, yet full of spunk. She loves books, especially books with textures and she still hates anything that confines her. (exersaucer, jumperoo, etc.) She is quick to pull bows, socks, and shoes off. And she loves to DANCE!! We love her and can't imagine our world without her. Happy 9 months little Momma!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Scream For Ice Cream
Frank had an ice cream craving so he took G & E to Baskin Robbins to get some tonight. When they got home, Ellie gave Hadley a taste of her ice cream. Hadley LOVED it and was smiling so big and suddenly couldn't get enough of Ellie....

She was trying really hard to get another taste...but Ellie didn't want to share anymore....

So, she started screaming and I gave in and gave her my cone.....

If we took it away at all, we'd get this face...

So we surrendered and let her enjoy an entire ice cream cone by herself in her highchair and she was on cloud 9...

She kept looking at us like, "What are you taking all these pictures for?? It is totally normal for an 8 month old to be eating an ice cream cone."
Looks like she has inherited our sweet tooth.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


For Gavin's Fifth birthday he wanted to have his party at the movie theater. Knowing we couldn't do the usual inviting of ALL of our friends and their kids, plus his school friends...we told him we had 5 invites that could go out. We decided on an all boy party. As you can see we ended up with a few more than 5 kids once you add siblings and of course our two. For months when Gavin asks if he can eat at MacDonald's my response has been, "on your birthday." And once we realized Madagascar toys would be in the happy meal...we figured it was the perfect choice to serve to his friends. ;0) So, everyone got a happy meal at the park and then we walked to the theater. The movie was okay. I'm not sure anything will really hit me as being fantastic after seeing Kung Fu Panda...but the kids seemed to enjoy it. Here is the party crew: