Thursday, November 20, 2008

9 Month and 5 Year Well Check
Well I took Gavin and Hadley to their well checks today. I decided to combine the two appointments since they coincided around the same time. They both did great considering we were there for about 2 hours. Gavin failed his hearing test in his left ear...but it was most likely due to an ear infection. He woke up at midnight last night and was up for a few hours crying on and off because of a sore ear. So, we will have it retested in a few months so he can have a clear pass before starting Kindergarten.

Todays Stats....

Gavin @ 5 years old:
43.75 inches tall-75th percentile
42.5 pounds-75th percentile

Hadley at 9 months:
27 inches tall- 25th percentile
16.4 pounds-10th percentile

We all know what a little peanut Ellie is and if you can believe this....Ellie weighed more than Hadley at not only nine months but she weighed more than Hadley does now at 7 months. I so thought maybe Hads had a growth spurt and would pass her sister at this age, but apparently I was wrong. Another little, tiny peanut. I suspect she'll be around 0-5% for weight at a year if she follows her sister. At least we have been down this route before and are not worried. We just make itty bitty girls I guess. Gav on the other hand, still has a chance of having some height....guess time will tell with him.....


Lindsay said...

Nothin' wrong with "itty bitty" girls. :)

Thay are precious...all of them!

Lindsay said...

wow...I need more sleep! I know thEy is spelled with an E!

Courtney said...

Horray for healthy kids!