Sunday, February 07, 2010


One of my best friends turned 30 last Friday. Her husband, Mom, and I threw her a surprise party. She really had no clue until the day of and then got a little suspicious. Although she swore she didn't want anything, I think she is happy we did it. Even if she was cursing my name outside her parents house right before when she spotted my car on the next street over and realized people were inside. LOL. All her closest friends came to help celebrate and she will have that memory forever. She had a fun night. We love you Stacy and are thankful you were born 30 years ago!!

Saturday she came to pick me up as we were going to a baby shower. I opened the door and we both started laughing. We weren't wearing the same outfit, but we were definitely thinking similarly when we were getting dressed. LOL.


stacy said...

Thanks Lace for helping out so much with the party. Wish I would have washed my hair that day. You're the best!

Our Life Together said...

It was such a great party Lacey! We love you Stacy!!!

Cute pics of the two of you too.

Jenni said...

You two are so fun! Let's get together again soon!