Thursday, May 27, 2010


We scored last minute tickets to Taylor Swift and did we ever have a blast. No shock to anyone that she is Ellie's favorite, but I LOVE her too. She is a great performer and talented artist. I was so excited to be going, and to be going on a double date with my girlfriend, Allison and her sweet little girl, George-Anna. The girls were excited and had a blast. Pizza, sprite, cotton candy, light necklaces, and Taylor t-shirts....we got the whole concert experience. And our seats were awesome. We were on the side but really close to the stage. Fun, Fun, Night. And I'm pretty sure the girls will be talking about it for awhile.

About to leave for the show:
The four of us on our way out:
Running through the Toyota Center:
Matching Taylor Swift Shirts:
Alli and Georgie:
Me and Elle Bells:
Eating Pizza:
We sat next to the sheet that blocks off rows... in case we got cold we could wrap up. LOL:
Although we were to the side, or view was pretty good, especially when that curtain went up:
Cotton Candy.....for future reference...stick with Pink:
light mustaches:
Georgie and Alli:
Me and Ellie Belly:
Kelli Pickler:
Go Taylor:
10 o'clock and the girls are still rockin' although getting tired:
Getting REALLY tired....but still singing the songs:
Such a fun night!! Alli & Georgie, I am glad it worked out. We had fun seeing Taylor and spending the evening with you girls!!! GREAT NIGHT!!


Toni said...

So fun! You two big girls look awesome in that cowgirl getup! Love it! The little girls look like they had an absolute blast!

Allison said...

it was a blast!! I am so glad we got to go!! I loved every second! The seats really were super good! I love that the two girls got to have a "memory" together! Thanks for was oh so fun!

Courtney said...

Lace, love your dress and boots. You look great-oh and of course so does your sweet girl. What a great memory for the girls.

Kelly said...

Yay!! I am glad you got to go!! Love the pics, ya'll are too cute!

MKHKKH said...

What a good time for you guys! Ellie looks tired at the end. I guess you are teaching her how to party hard early! LOL

stacy said...

I'm so jealous. Lexie would have loved to go. Looks like y'all had a great time. Love your outfit. Keep the dress.

Our Life Together said...

Oh what fun!!! The girls look like they had a great time!!

tayton said...

Can the outfits be any cuter??? What a fun time with glue stick. I want to sneak in next year. :)