Friday, July 29, 2011

VBS, Mema Marathon, and the Circus

The kids finished another fun week of VBS last week. Gavin and Ellie had a blast at Panda-mania and enjoyed memorizing bible verses and raising money for a school!!
They also went to another movie with my mom, to continue their summer movie marathon they've been doing with her. She has been taking them periodically to see movies and spend time with them. They are LOVING their time with her. And I am so thankful that she takes the time to make memories with them while they are on summer break. They are lucky little kiddos to have her.
We ended the week with a visit to the Ringling Brother's Circus. We went with the McKellars and had great seats on the floor. The kids LOVED it!!

Another great week down on Summer Break. I can't believe it is almost over.... Wahhh.....

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Courtney said...

I hear you...G'ma's are the BEST!
I've been wanting to take Cate to the RB circus too, but of course that is a trip to CO. ;)
Looks like you've had a fun packed summer!