Sunday, March 17, 2013


Bearzie...A.K.A. Robert, our nephew, the kids cousin got to come and spend a few days with us over Spring Break. To say that my kids were excited, would be a HUGE understatement. They have been looking forward to his "sleepover party" since Thanksgiving. I love watching them all together. I love the memories that they are making and I hope that they will love each other this much always.

They all camped out in the den the first night, watched a movie and played. Bear is such a great snuggler.  He is also the sweetest little boy. We were constantly getting, "I Love you's!" He truly is a gem of a kid, and I am not just biased because I am his Aunt. He has such a kind, loving heart.

We took him to Toy's R Us to let him pick out a toy. We found his favorite-- Octonaunts- SCORE!

Him and Hadley came home to test it was pretty cool. We played with it in the sink, bathtub and spa too. :)

Gav is like his big brother. They were so cute together.

We took him to Pump It Up. We all had so much fun.

And we had a silly string fight...He loved it once he figured it out. He got Ellie Good with a little help from Uncle Frankie.

I think we wore him out because one of the days he took a nap on each of us.

He had fun wrestling Gavin...

And making cupcakes with me....

...but most of all we had the most fun making memories with him....

We are already looking forward to the next "sleepover party."

We love you Robert!!!


Courtney said...

Cousins are the best! He looks like he belongs for sure. :) Love your cuties! XOXO

andrea said...

he could be one of your kiddos. he is he precious.
hope you guys had a nice spring break.

Tayton said...

This is great! I can't thank you enough for continuing to love on our little guy. R talks about y'all so much and is quite insistent he wants to move closer to Uncle Frank! Now, I think it's time to put those kids on a plane to see us!