Saturday, June 23, 2012

BORA BORA Miscellaneous

Here are a bunch of pictures that really didn't "fit" into a category.

Here is Frank from under our coffee table in our room.

Our favorite cocktail- the Bora Bora

Sunset over Mt. Otemanu

Frank relaxing off our bungalow..

Kayaking the ocean

A trip to the pearl market to pick up two black pearls for Ellie and Hads.

Where we had lunch almost every single day.

The pool where they served fresh fruit and homemade sorbet every day breakfast plate...seriously fantastic food. And yes that is raw fish. I loved their Tahitian raw fish that I seriously ate it breakfast, lunch, and dinner some days...

Yolo boarding.

The ocean side of the was crazy how different it is from the lagoon. We could always here the ocean roaring from the lagoon.

Sensational sushi...

Our resort from the air...

A check off the top of our "Bucket List" for sure.... Not sure anything else will ever top this trip.


Courtney said...

I am in awe!!! Love the picture of frank floating in the water off of the bungalow.
I have to know, how was the travel getting to and from? Looks like well worth it!

The Guess Family said...

Looks like you had an amazing trip!!! Being cancer free deserves a trip like that!!! So happy for you. Glad you are blogging again. The new house looks beautiful!