Monday, October 29, 2012

My Doctor and I....

went to our neighborhood Halloween party this weekend. We had So. Much. Fun!! We had no idea what to expect but it blew our expectations for sure. We had to leave at 1:15 to get back to the babysitter....that hasn't happened in A VERY LONG TIME. And the party was still going full steam ahead when we left. We had fun dancing and getting to know a lot of new faces we hadn't met. We are still getting to know all of our new neighbors. I had to laugh when some people we didn't know really thought I was pregnant. Who knew spanks and a pillow insert could look so real?!? It probably didn't help that I was constantly rubbing my belly and resting my hands on it (weird, how that just naturally comes back to you).We have found our new neighborhood to be so inviting and fun. I love that they have so many get togethers. We have a big Christmas bash up next and we can hardly wait!

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