Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ellie's REAL Birthday

On August 20th Ellie turned 7!! I can't believe she is 7. She was so excited about her real birthday and woke up early to open her presents.

We had her big gift hidden under a blanket. A gift I have been working on at my friends house so she wouldn't see. A 1880's antique desk that I found and refinished. It was exactly what she wanted.

And it was packed full of supplies galore. She is like me and LOVES new supplies....maybe she'll be a teacher too! Ha!

Next we sang to her and she devoured her birthday donut.

For lunch she chose our favorite sushi restaurant where Frank and I do lunch dates, Uni. It was FABULOUS. She has recently become a fan of raw peppercorn many 7 year olds like that?!?!

Later that night our family came over for dinner to celebrate. She requested a Mexican taco place that is authentic mexican, Dumass's. It is a great little hole in the wall that Frank found where everything is in spanish and they know little English. But they were tickled that our 7 year old requested their food--- it was yummy!! For dessert, I made chocolate cake from scratch. She is my only chocolate child--- and the cake was a hit even though it didn't look that "pretty".

We ended the night with more presents and then she did tent city upstairs.

All day I kept thinking about the second I laid eyes on her when she was in my arms for the first time. "I am your Mommy...." and then I looked at Frank and said, "We have a daughter." He leaned down and gave me a kiss and then we both stared with happy tears into her little eyes that were looking back at us. I remember it like yesterday...yet it was seven years ago.

Happy 7th Birthday Ellie Elizabeth!! We sure do LOVE You!!


Courtney said...

A momma will never forget that moment! There is nothing like it.
Love seeing her special day. She is just a happy and sweet girl!
Love seeing pics of your new house too. It is beautiful!

Tayton said...

So sweet! Glad you had a fab birthday and I'm so glad to see a picture of the sparkle stapler you kept telling me about. You're going to rock age 7!!!