Wednesday, February 20, 2013

American Girl Lunch

Hadley wanted to have her birthday party at the American Girl doll store. Unfortunately, when I called a few months ago, they were booked for birthdays until April 13th. And there were no weekend appointments for large parties. So, we told her instead of a birthday we could just do lunch with a few of her friends. The downside was that her friends and cousins who are all in school full time, couldn't come. But, the bright side was that she still got to go and have lunch with a few of her close friends who don't have school full time.
Frank took the day off so he could help me. And of course we let Ellie get out of school early. I was shocked though when Gavin wanted to come too. He really wanted to get out of school I think, but I was glad he came because he was a great little helper.
So we met at our house and then headed up to Houston to the newest American Girl Doll store.
She loved her new outfit from Lexie that matched her doll Julie:

Her friends came ready with their AG babies as well...

They asked if we were celebrating anything special...and indeed we were!!

I think she might dig swapping big birthday bashes for lunch dates. They had a ball!

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Courtney said...

What an awesome birthday! Love her matching outfit, so cute! She is such a mix of Gavin and Ellie. Love her twinkle in her eye :)