Thursday, May 26, 2011

Washer/Dryer What do you like?

Last week I had finally gone shopping and got some summer clothes. I decide to wear my new shirt and shorts to a play date. On my way there I was sipping my coffee and driving. When I got to the light I went to take a sip and was holding the lid. The lid detached from the bottom and BAM- my coffee spilt ALL. OVER. ME.

So, I took a picture and texted it to my friend letting her know why I was going back home and would be late.

Fast forward to that night and I am still trying oxy clean, bleach pens, and vinegar. Basically everything I have for stain removal. I was determined to NOT ruin my new white shorts that I had just taken the tags off of. So, I had Frank stop by the store on his way home from a guys night and get me bleach.

I carefully went through all the laundry and separated whites and colors. I threw the colors on the floor, and whites into the washer as I sorted. Then I got the bleach and poured it into the bleach dispenser.

After few minutes I realized my floor was wet. The clothes and sheets that were in the colored pile were soaking- with PURE bleach. Yes, apparently the bleach dispenser was broken and just leaked all over the floor and my clothes, the kids clothes, and Pottery barn sheets (which they no longer sell) soaked it up. I was MAD. Frank didn't really understand why I was so upset- but you friends out there understand, right?!? I know they are just clothes and sheets- but I was so frustrated. I should have just re bought the dang shorts and saved myself time and money. Grrr...

So the next day I am putting clothes in the dryer and when it beeps, I go to check on the laundry and it is still soaking wet. What?? I try again.... SAME OUTCOME. The dryer spins but no heat comes out. Looks like not only is our washer misbehaving, but so is the dryer- LOVELY. I could probably get them fixed, but we just fixed them a few months ago and really I don't want to throw anymore money into them.

So, we are in the market for a new washer/dryer.

We've been looking. We have the old Whirlpool top loading washer and gas dryer and thought we'd get front loaders since they seem to be the new rage. But since researching we are hearing mixed reviews. We have been told they can be smelly if you don't dry them after a wash and that they have to be handled with care. But on the flip side the few people (One friend and my brother) I have asked, that have them, like them.

So, for my few readers out you have a front loader? If so, what brand, and do you like them??? Or do you wish you still had a top loader??? We will be buying new machines this weekend so I'd love to hear your thoughts.

For now, it is nice to have a Laundry break!!


Honeyman 4 said...

Call Sarah, she has front loaders.:)

The Guess Family said...

So an almost brand new set of LG front load washer and dryers came with my new house! I was so excited.....and then I used them a few times. I will never buy a front loader, and I don't know how long I will make it with these. My clothes do seem to come out cleaner (particullary, grease on the kids clothes seems to come out really well). But, the washer leaks. If I wash towels or a load with more than a few pairs of jeans, water pours out of the front. My bathmats, which I used to constantly throw into my old washer, can't be washed. It will tell me "unbalanced load" and refuse to work EVERY TIME. It is smelly, if we don't keep the door open after the wash to let it dry out. Finally, the cycle takes FOREVER. 40 minutes to wash and 60 minutes to dry. My advice is get a fancy new washer, but not a Front Loader!!!It's too bad, because they are so darn cute!!!

Courtney said...

We bought front loaders when we moved into our house (Jan). We researched them extensively because I cannot buy anything spontaneously and without reading MANY reviews. lol. We went with the LG model 2701. It had good reviews for the washer but better than most for dryer. Almost bought the Kenmore Elite as they have good reviews. I haven't had any problems. I wanted the best for vibration reduction since mine would be stacked. When it's on spin cycle you can't even tell by touching the unit. Very smooth. ;)
Good luck shopping!

Team Dale said...

I am pleased to say I am the friend! not the brother...that was polled. So you know my answers...Like that feature on the whirlpool you left of my voicemail. 2 more weeks!!!

Ashley McWhorter said...

Love that it holds more clothes, HATE that it smells! It is a pain to get them in and out...especially in our TINY laundry rooms.

Jennifer said...

Hey Lacey,
One thing to check before you buy the new dryer. The problem might not be the dryer, there's a chance it could be a problem with your wiring or your circuit box. We had the exact same thing happen with our ran but with no heat. It was old, so we bought a new dryer. We hooked up the new one and the same thing happened! Turns out the problem was with the breaker and not the dryer. Maybe check that out,too? I'd hate for yall to buy a new, un-needed dryer like we did! :)

britt said...

I second Ashley. Hate the stink. Hate leaving the door open all the time to try to prevent stink. And they are harder to get clothes & in our in our laundry rooms. We have the Kenmore Elite. Next time I'd try to be a HE top loader, if they make such a thing.

Lowe's has 15% off appliances this weekend.

Boo to having bleach all over...that super sucks!

Courtney said...

Just a PS...
Must be my dry climate that eliminates the stink. But the door does stay open (it's sort of on a spring) when it's not full of clothes.
Hope you find some good sales this weekend!

Toni said...

LACEY!!!! I'm dying laughing, I would've been freaking out as well with BLEACH everywhere! I'm a top loader, extra large basket. Got them last year, Whirlpool, so far so good.