Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother Day Long Weekend

I had a long weekend doing fun things last week.

Wednesday we had our neighborhood pokeeno. It was Cinco De Mayo themed so it was a little rowdier than usual. As expected since there were margaritas, tequila punch, wine, and martini's. Not to mention the Mexican food spread we had. It was a fun night with LOTS of laughs.

Thursday we had our annual Jimmy Buffet concert. Once again Frank's brother and my sister in law flew in for the event. And as usual Tay made some pretty elaborate hats. We had a great time as we always do. I swear Jimmy gets better and better every year. His concerts always make me want to go on vacation.

Friday we had our neighborhood Movie night. We have it every other weekend in the park. A big screen is set up and we usually do snacks. But this particular movie night we had a huge spread of fajitas and drinks. The kids watched UP. It was a fabulous night and one of the many reminders of why I love our neighborhood so much.

Saturday, after a birthday party, Franks mom had everyone over to celebrate Mother's Day and Scott and Tay being in town. Everyone swam and enjoyed a nice lunch. We loved getting to spend time with Bear. Robert is getting SOOOO big. I can't believe he is almost two!!! So happy we got to spend some time with them on their short visit.

On Sunday I was awoken to a yummy breakfast. Pioneer womans lemon blueberry pancakes and bacon. It was delicious!!!!! And one of my favorite parts of Mother's Day is the homemade crafts they make for me. Gavin had made me a book and I cried. And just so you know, I have the most beautiful smile and I'm playful....according to Gav anyway. They also had done some crafts with my neighbor, one of which was the beautiful frames that they made me. I love them!

Later that morning my family came over. My sister and Aunt drove in from Dallas and we all swam and ate and hung out all day and evening. I am so thankful that we have a pool to host holidays and get togethers on the HOT days. I think we will be spending a lot of time in there this summer.

It was a LONG week of celebrating...but a fun one. I can not believe summer is just around the corner!!

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tayton said...

I just now saw this post. Are you trying to get me back from the iPhone hack by posting that photo of me? Great to see you guys!