Friday, May 13, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation

Amazing. That is the best way to describe tonight. Tonight my little girl graduated from SonKids Kindergarten. She started there days after she turned two, and tonight she graduated from their Kindergarten Class of 2011.
To say it has been a great year would be an understatement. To think that I had reservations about sending her to Kindergarten this year, baffles my mind now. She was ready. The school is amazing. And I am so glad we sent her there. I am glad that I prayed and listened to my gut and sent her.
When I got sick I was especially thankful that we kept her there as I knew she was being loved on all day long when I couldn't be. I can't even begin to imagine how much harder this last year would have been if she had been somewhere else.
Her love and heart for Jesus really shows and I know a big part of this is from her school. The place is amazing.
The amount of knowledge she has gained this year is incredible. And what I have ALWAYS said I want for my kids, is for them to absolutely LOVE school. Because if you have that, everything else will fall into place. And it has.
I cried tears of joy and excitement for her tonight, proud tears, and sad to be leaving tears. Thank God they gave us a pack of tissues!! And thank God I will still have one little one there next year.

Ellie chose chick fil a for dinner and then we headed to school.

They decorated the foyer with pictures of them as babies, and pictures of them as graduates. They had banners with pictures of each child. And artwork. And on one of her pictures they had typed out what she said she wanted to be when she grows up. A MOMMY!! I was so proud! The tears started before I even entered the sanctuary.

They one at a time walked into the sanctuary to the traditional graduation ceremony song, the Pop and Circumstance March. She was a little timid at first but then she did it and her smile came through.

They sang songs. They each had speaking parts to a poem. They played a 15 minute slide show that about did me in with just the music alone. They got their diplomas and a new study bible. And then Ms. Maggie wrote a poem and talked about each child. To end it all they sang, "Angels Among us" and they showed pictures of them as angels above them as they sung. A truly spectacular night. I am not sure who cried more...Me. My Mom. Or Frank. It was so sweet.

Afterwards they had a reception in the foyer to celebrate the graduates big night. We took lots of pictures.

A chapter in her life closes and a new one begins. I pray that she will always feel the love and comfort of Jesus in her heart and I pray that all of her dreams and wishes come true.

Congratulations Ellie!
We are so proud of you. Job WELL done!
We love you with all of our hearts.


Team Leslie said...

You are such a good mom Lacey! Makes me cry just to think about kindergarten graduation...& I still have 3 years:). Love the pictures; sounds like a wonderful school!

parsonsfamily said...

what an awesome awesome night. I want to move back and put both my kids in that school! That's incredible. I teared up just reading your post.

sillygirl said...

You always make me cry when I read your posts. Ellie looked so grown up tonight. You are an amazing mom. She loves you and you can tell you are an amazing role model because she wants to grow up to be a mommy. How precious is that? Love y'all!

Emily said...

Hooray! Congrats to Ellie! Sounds like such a great night! I know you are so proud of who she is. And I have to say, that cake is cracking me up!!

tayton said...

What a great celebration. Your post put a lump in my throat. The first few years with our babies is precious and what a great job y'all have done raising her. Makes me proud she wants to be a Mommy, theres always room in the world for another wonderful Mommy. I'm so proud of you, little Ellie belly! Now can you just freeze time? I don't think I could handle sitting through a graduation!

Kristyn said...

Wow. What a beauty she is!! I love the first pic of her. She looks so old! :) And of course, your post brought tears to my eyes! You are a wonderful mommy and you've got some pretty awesome kids!

Grandma Tic Tac said...

I am SO sorry I missed your graduation Jellybean. I thought about you as I saw your cousin Maddie graduate.
I am so very proud of the loving, beautiful, smart girl you have become.

I love you with all my heart honey!