Sunday, May 15, 2011

One Tough Cookie

Yesterday after running around in the morning we came home and decided we were going to have a relaxing day by the pool. Frank, Gavin, Ellie, and Hadley were all in the hot tub and I had just sat down to read a book outside. Hadley was in the water and jumping back to float on her back but she was too close to the wall. I heard a loud cry and Frank say, "Lacey it's bad." I ran into the house and grabbed a towel and ice pack and told the kids to get out and get dressed. I picked Hadley up and applied pressure to her gushing head as we all drove to the Woodlands Herman Emergency Care Center. Hadley stayed calm. She was a little rock star. Even when they took the staple gun to her head she hardly whimpered. When Gavin saw the gun he said, "I can't watch." And when Ellie saw it she put her hands over her mouth and said, "I think I am going to puke." So the two older kids sat outside the room while the doctor did it. They brought all three kids Popsicles afterwards and Hadley has been fine since. She is pretty proud of her wound and has showed all the neighbors. She doesn't even say anything...... she just walks up to them and lifts her hair to expose the staples. And she has been walking around saying, "I am not going to jump right now, because I am fragile." Frank and I agreed, she is ONE TOUGH COOKIE.


Courtney said...

Poor Hadley! I know exactly how you are feeling in those pictures. There's nothing worse than seeing your child hurt! I am so glad she is okay and that it wasn't more serious!
One tough girl for sure. :)

Our Life Together said...

So glad your baby girl is okay. Whew! Hugs to Hadley. That is so scary.

Honeyman 4 said...


MKHKKH said...

Oh No! Poor girl. Glad she will be okay. We know where she gets her toughness from. :)

Ashley McWhorter said...

Poor thing! Hope she is feeling better!

P.S. LOVE your hair pulled back. I never see it like that! Pretty, pretty!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's incredible that you even thought of taking pictures!
I'm so glad she is a tough gal for moments like these!
Love you Gumdrop!!