Thursday, May 19, 2011

First and Last

Awwww..... It was the Girls last day of school yesterday. Always a sad day. I cry every year when they say goodbye to their teachers. This year was especially hard for Ellie as she will not be going back there next year and she had to give every teacher she has ever had in the last four years a hug before she left. In the morning I was doing her hair and I had said, "Ellie I can't believe this is your last day." And she said, " Please stop talking about it or I am going to cry." And a few tears she did shed as we pulled out of the parking lot and she told me every person she really liked and was going to miss.

So I pulled out the first day of school pictures to compare and I can not believe the difference a school year makes. Especially Hadley. I can hardly remember her having a Paci so that was one big difference, but I feel like she has grown up and changed the most this year. She went from a baby to a little girl. She went from HATING the camera to loving it. And is still quite the little ham. Ellie on the other hand....maybe her face looks a little more mature, but I am pretty sure she hasn't grown more than an inch if that and she wore the same shoes on her first and last day of school. Even though she hasn't grown much....she still looks older to me. I can't believe she will be with her brother at Big School next year.

Another Year Down.

Oh sweet time....SLOW down.

First Day.
Last Day.
First Day.

Last Day.


Kristyn said...

Wow they sure have grown this year :) What beauties you have!!

Toni said...

so sweet. Love those girlies.

Courtney said...

I agree, Hadley has changed so much and has become such a little mini Ellie! Cute girls!

Honeyman 4 said...

Awesome! Love these! A sense of maturity in Ellie! And no baby in Hadley for sure!

Our Life Together said...

Oh Lacey, I love the comparisons. I will be doing this same with Luke next wed. Wow, how miss Hadley has grown. I felt like it was just yesterday that we were discussing how she could only have the paci at nap. Both girl's are beautiful. I am sooooooo going to cry. Luke's teachers are precious and I can't believe they won't be in our lives anymore. I'm silly...i know.