Friday, October 18, 2013

Walk To School, Donuts with Dad, and Muffins with Mom

Whew....the beginning of school started out with a bang! Being on the yearbook committee allows me to take lots of pictures at the different school events. These three happen early Fall.

Walk to school day...we met up with our neighbors and walked to school, we only live a mile from our school so it didn't take much time at all to get there and no one complained. :)

Frank and the kids enjoy Donuts with Dad. Frank leaves for work around 5:45  most days, so it's nice that he gets to sleep in a little on this day. :)

And Muffins with Mom. The one and only year I will have this with all three kiddos together:

Afterwards the kids all went outside for a thing they call "movable minutes" before school starts. I went and found them and couldn't find Hadley. But then I saw a big circle of kids around someone and who was in the middle showing off her hula hoop skills...and who was in the middle?!? Hadley!! She was showing the kids how she can put both hands behind her head and move her hips while hula hooping. No intimidation. She is full of confidence and spunk this little one.

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