Thursday, October 17, 2013

Back to School

It has taken me while to write this post.

The kids started school in August and I am just getting around to posting about October. I have been dreading the day they all started school for awhile. For many reasons. But mostly for the fact that the season of me having a child at home is over. For the last ten years it's all I've known. No longer do I have a little one around me all day. I was extremely emotional the first day of school. And second day. But it has gotten easier and easier. The kids absolutely LOVE their school and their teachers and so that helps a whole bunch. This is a big year for the Morgan kiddos. It is the first and only year that they will all three be in the same school. Hadley is in Kindergarten, Ellie is in 2nd, and Gavin is in 4th.

I started this blog right before I was due with Hadley, Ellie was 2 and Gavin was 4. Time flies. It makes me sad when I think about how quickly time passes. How now, their school and teachers have more time with my kids than I do. And that the summers will be the only time I will have my kiddos all day long anymore....until they go to college...and well...I can't even think about that!!!

So to say I was a mess on the first day of school would be an UNDERSTATEMENT.

But I started preparing for my emotions months before school started. I successfully said yes to every volunteer opportunity that came my way. And although life has been crazy busy, it has been good for this adjustment in my life. I've been keeping busy and it has made the transition a whole lot easier. For the first two months of school, I have nearly been up there almost every single day.

So, where to begin...

Gavin and Ellie got their teacher letters in the mail and after much anticipation, they where SO EXCITED to get the teachers they wanted for 2nd and 4th grade. I have it on video them opening their letters and it is priceless. Jumping up and down and screaming with glee!! We had meet the teacher night a few nights later.

Ellie got Mrs. Everett & Mrs. Anderson:

And Gavin got Mrs. De Pedro & Mrs. Butler:

Here are the three Amigo's of 4th Grade:

Gavin and Ryan were lucky enough to get in the same class again and they couldn't have been more thrilled...unless of course Graham was in there too.

After Meet the Teacher came Teddy Bear Tea. This is when we take our Kindergartners with their favorite teddy bear and we wait to see what class we will get. Hadley was beyond thrilled to follow in Gavin and Ellie's footsteps and get their same Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Samford (one of my closest friends when I used to teach there). And an added bonus was Lexie and Karly were called to her class too!!

My friend knew the first day was going to be hard on me. She is always so thoughtful and I was blown away with the basket she delivered to me the night before school started.

I was such a mess that just seeing the basket made me cry. Ha! But I am good at keeping myself busy to distract myself from my feelings. So I spent a lot of the weekend before school started making teacher gifts for the first day of school. I made cute little baskets for each teacher filled with Pinterest ideas.

The night before school started, like always, we read our favorite books. And like always, I cried as I read The Kissing Hand to them and I kissed each one of their hands. Hadley told me, "Don't worry Mommy...I know you will miss me, but I will still come snuggle you in the middle of the night." Sweet girl.

Hadley had some magical stars to sprinkle under her pillow that her teacher had given here. They were sure to give her a good nights rest before her big day:

And then we woke up and these three got all gussied up for their first day of school 2013-2014.

And we headed down the street for the neighborhood back to school pancake breakfast:

And then we headed to school:

And I said goodbye to each of my kiddos and then my Baby on her first day of Kindergarten:

She was so excited. She was ready.

I am so thankful that I was blessed with three beautiful, sweet, healthy kids. I am so thankful that God allowed me to stay home and raise them in their most formative years. And now we move on to another phase of life.

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MKHKKH said...

I feel your pain Lacey! It was so hard. I am still trying to get use to the quiet all day. :( I teased Max that it was time for another baby. They all look so great and happy to go to school. They are ready, we just aren't. :(