Saturday, October 19, 2013

Imagine Dragons

We have taken the girls to see Taylor Swift a few times now and so when I heard Imagine Dragons were coming to town I surprised Gavin with Tickets. 7th Row to boot! I didn't tell him right away but the week of the concert, I left the number 7 in his lunch box on little notes. I kept waiting for him to ask why I was putting different pieces of paper with the number 7 in there everyday. But he never asked. So finally I asked him..."Do you know why I keep putting the number 7 in your lunch and on all the notes?" I pulled out the tickets and I had one ECSTATIC little man! He loves just about every single one of their songs and spent the summer listening to them non stop.
So we had a big date...on a school night non the less:

We had dinner at any place of his choosing...where did we end up? Jerry Built.

And we headed to the show:

Such a great date with my little Man. The concert was sooo great and my date was the best!!

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Courtney said...

So cute, Lace! Love it.