Saturday, February 09, 2013

Mother/Son Father/Daughter Bush Valentine's Dance

Although the official pictures taken at the dance won't be in for a few are a few from us last night at the school dance.

Ellie wanted to dance with her Daddy all night, but G was NOT in the dancing mood. They really didn't play any songs for us to slow dance too. Most of the songs were rap/hip hop, which we were surprised about but the kids loved it. When I told Gavin that we were only staying for one more song, he said, "Why?" and broke out in the running man. He then danced the entire song and asked for us to stay for another, so we did. I guess he just needed to get warmed up.

We cherish these little dates with our kiddos as they don't happen often enough. Next year Hadley will be joining us at the dance. Next year will also be my last year to go with my little man. And that is so hard to believe! I will miss the Bush Valentine's Dance.

Until next year...another dance down...

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