Monday, February 04, 2013

Sweet Sister

Ellie made a pinata at school when learning about Mexico. It's really cute, but not really a keepsake..but every time I sneak it into the trash it seems to come out somehow.

On Superbowl Sunday, Ellie made a bunch of notes and printed out pictures of Ray Lewis for Gavin, and added toys and treats for Hadley and then told them she had a surprise for them. It was so cute. They did the pinata, and Gavin and Hadley got the treasures Ellie had placed in them.

What I thought was SUPER CUTE was her notes for Gavin. She knew he was so pumped about the Super Bowl....

These notes above say, "The Ravens are going to win EVERY time!"
But I thought this one was the cutest....

You are OSEM at foot ball....

They do really love each other even though half the time you would never know it :)

But I was so proud of Ellie--- her showing love to her siblings, and feeling so good about it.

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