Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Disney World- Day 4

The Fourth day we spent at Magic Kingdom. We woke up early and got to enter the park before it opened because we had breakfast reservations at Cinderellas Castle. It was so great to get some pictures of the kids without a ton of people in the background on our way to breakfast.

Cinderella greeted us in the foyer of the castle for a few pictures...

And we got to see all the other princesses as well at breakfast...

We split up after breakfast. The girls REALLY wanted to meet Merida from Brave and you could only see her by waiting in line so after breakfast before the park opened we ran to her area. We were the first ones in line. Gavin and Frank went to ride Space Mountain and they were one of the first as well. There are definitely perks to eating at the park before it opens. :)

Afterwards, we met up with Frank and Gavin at Belle's House in the new Fantasyland.

Ellie and Hadley got selected to play a part in the play that they acted out with Belle. Ellie's was Belle's Dad who was behind bars and Hadley was the salt shaker.

Next we went to eat in the Beast's Castle at Be Our Guest. The food was SOOO good there! And it was a neat restaurant that made you feel like you were really in Belle's castle. All the little details just amazed me.

We did all the rides that Magic Kingdom had to offer except for Splash Mountain because it was closed. We rode Space Mountain...

And we rode all the other fun rides. I was so impressed with the new Little Mermaid ride, and the Pirates of the Caribbean. How people are so creative boggles my mind. We had a fun day. We watched the parade and enjoyed the Laugh Stop more than once. Both Hadley and Gavin got interviewed on the T.V. during the Laugh Stop show.  My kids are in love with Monsters Inc. and the comedy show was hilarious.

We rode the tea cup ride together. Frank and Gavin were so dizzy...they can do Coasters but hate to spin...

The Highlight of this day was Ellie and Hadley meeting Rapunzel. You had to wait in a line to meet her as well, but she was WELL worth the wait. Ellie LOVES Rapunzel and she was so cute when she met her. She really thought she was the "real" Rapunzel. They talked about their dresses, and how Rapunzel wore Ellie's when she got married--it is Rapunzel's favorite dress---it was so sweet.

Afterwards we took a few more pictures...

And then we headed to the Lady and the Tramp Restaurant, Tony's Town Square. It was probably the only meal we didn't love. It was good--but definitely didn't compare to the others. I also had a boomer headache so that probably didn't help.

After another long day we headed back to the room for the first time since before breakfast. Swords and  wands in hand they ran all the way up to the Monorail.

It was another Magical Day in Disney World.

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Courtney said...

Priceless pics of the kids in front of the castle. So great!