Monday, January 21, 2013

Disney World--Day 3

We woke up to rainy weather. It was really just a constant drizzle so it wasn't too bad. It wasn't going to stop this crew. We came prepared with Disney Ponchos. Frank was the last to put his on when we got to Epcot and apparently, he gave one of the kids the adult poncho.
We had breakfast reservations bright and early again. They were in the park at Akershus Royal Banquet so we got to enter Epcot before it even opened.
We were greeted in the foyer by Belle.
And then we got to meet some of the other princesses.
Next we ran to Soarin' to get Fast Passes before they sold out. Then we headed to Mission Space. That ride scared me to death. And Gavin and Ellie too. It spins so fast that you get G force and it looks like you are being launched to space. Ellie really thought we were in space. She told me, "What a great view from up here" when we were looking down on Earth. Ha! When the G force kicked in Gavin was saying, "I feel sick" and Ellie was saying, "I can't breath!!" It was a 5 minute ride so I kept talking to them saying, "Breath through your nose--Breath through your nose!!"

Soarin' was a piece of cake after that! It was a 4-D ride where you feel like you are parasailing over San Francisco. My favorite part was flying over the orchards and smelling the oranges. 

We LOVED Epcot (or Apricot as Hadley called it)! We didn't have high hopes from talking to other people but we absolutely had a blast! We rode all of the rides and did the around the world section. The kids had fun doing a scavenger hunt with a Phineas and Ferb cell phone around the different worlds. It was amazing to see how real these countries were. Disney hires people from the countries to come work there, and the food served it only food that they would serve. France had Crepes, China had some really great Oolong tea. We loved walking around.
We ate "Linner" in Canada at the Le Cellier Steak House. The food was amazing and Frank really enjoyed their frothy beverages as well! 

We had a blast. The future world was a lot of fun too! The kids had so much fun in the Innovations building. We definitely want to spend MORE time in Epcot when we go back. A day was not enough to really see and experience it all.

We ended the day by waiting in line for Test Track. It is fairly new to Epcot as they just redid it. And it was AWESOME!!
We each got a card and we got our own computer where you make your own car. Here are the kids:
After you design the car you scan your card into the car that you are riding in and it makes a simulated car.
We test drove Gavin's Car both times. Yes, we liked the ride so much even after waiting 65 minutes to ride it----it was totally worth it.
First ride:
And second ride. Yes we got off and went right back in line waiting another hour---again---WORTH it!

We got to Epcot before it opened and we left as it was closing:

We got back to our room just in time for the 10:10 water show that happened outside our hotel room every night. The kids LOVED watching the water show when we were home in time. When we got home early enough, we would go to the snack bar for Mickey rice crispy treats, hot cocoa (hot tea for me) and we would watch the light and music show. 

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Little Miss Sunshine said...

Looks like real fun, even though it was rainy.
Love the pictures of "Germany". It really looks like some little old towns do look like here. :)
These stud work houses are typical for our old towns.