Sunday, December 02, 2012

Our Own Child Tried to Wrap Us

Gavin spent the night with one of his closest little friends last night. It was his birthday and they had a sleepover. Frank had gone outside around 10:30 to get something out of his car and he saw a bunch of little boys running off. And we had a sneaky suspicion with what they were up too. Soooo...we turned off the lights and hid in the garage. We have a side door on our garage that has a window, so we could look out. Sure enough the boys came back and decorated the porch with toilet paper. Then they rang the door bell and RAN. We were watching them the entire time laughing so hard. Well, Frank decided to play along. He ran out the front door and started jumping up and down very theatrically, stomping his feet and throwing his hands in air. Then he ran back inside and got Gavin's air soft gun "The oozie" and ran outside with it. It wasn't loaded, but he pretended to be looking for the kids.

We were both trying to keep a straight face as the boys popped out of the bushes and ran all the way back down the street screaming and laughing. We heard one of the boys say, "Your dad got your Oozie---You better Run!!!" I was texting my friend who's house they were staying at and she said the boys totally thought they had, "played it off" when they got home. So we went along with it. I am sure the other boys went home and told their parents that Gavin's dad is REALLY CRAZY! LOL. We are still laughing today. It was pretty funny.

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