Sunday, December 02, 2012


I LOVE Christmas. I love the excitement it brings my kids. I love the red and green decor. The twinkling lights. The yummy cocoa and Christmas cookies. The finding the perfect gift and seeing the persons reaction. And most importantly, I love the reason we celebrate Christmas- Jesus.

This year we will do our advent by a reading every night from my favorite kids bible, The Storybook bible.

I found this advent for a daily reading from it:

I also made a list of all the activities we want to do leading up to Christmas. Instead of assigning a day to each activity, we will just chose activities on the list when they fit into our day/schedule.

If you are looking for is what I came up with for our list while browsing Pinterest and the internet (I attached the link if there was one available):
1. Eat Mint- Chocolate Chip cookies while watching the Grinch
2. Make Christmas Pizza (shaped pizzas)
3. Sleep in Front of the Christmas Tree
4. Turn on the Christmas music really loud and have a Dance Party
5. Make Christmas cards for teachers
6. Make and take treats to our friends and neighbors
7. Spend the Day doing Random acts of kindness
8. Write a letter to Santa and mail it
9. Make Snow Globes
10. Make Christmas Peppermint Popcorn
11. Visit Santa
12. Make Hot Cocoa and stir with Peppermint Sticks
13. Make Homemade Ornaments for the tree
14. Go Caroling
15. Game night by the Christmas Tree
16. Make Homemade Marshmallows
17. Make Snowflakes
18. Decorate Sugar Cone Christmas Trees
19. Drive around and look at Christmas light while doing a Scavenger Hunt
20. Read Books about Jesus' birth
21. Decorate Christmas Cookies
22. Make Candy Cane Milk Shakes
23. Read the Nativity Story and put on a play reenacting it
24. Call relatives and sing them Christmas Carols
25. Read Luke 2- The Birth of Christ

We also are doing this little Nativity Book. We usually do a few a day because the kids get anxious to get the manger scene complete:

And Because I was a teacher, and have a book addiction, we have a bazillion Christmas books to chose from to read for "school reading" at night:

Let the Christmas Countdown Begin!!


ChrissyK said...

I know I have told you this before, but its time to tell you again. Sometimes I wish you were my mom... You really are amazing at it!!!!! Your children are lucky to have you!

andrea said...

i agree with chrissy k...your an amazing mom.
we loe the children's bible your talking about. emma lael and i read it every morning before she goes to school.

merry christmas
love you christmas card.


Courtney said...

Oh you are so awesome! I may steal some ideas. ;)

Tayton said...

That's great! I'm going to copy that link!