Thursday, December 06, 2012


As I was walking into Ellie's first grade class for reading groups on Wednesday, her teacher told me a funny story from the day. The kids were all brainstorming names for their new class bird. They were writing all the possible names down. Ellie raises her hands and says, "Tequila would be a good name." Her teacher, I am sure trying not to laugh, and trying to explain why we can't use the name went on to ask her how she came up with it. She proceeded to tell her about my parents Cockatiel named "Tequila." Ellie really has no clue why this may be inappropriate....but she she gave her teacher a good laugh.

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Tayton said...

Nice. I hope it wasn't the same teacher that Gavin wrote, Pina Colada's were his favorite thing about summer! Oh, those Morgan kids! :P