Saturday, December 01, 2012

Clark is Back...and the Littlest One is QUITE excited

Clark is back. All the kids are thrilled as they started looking for him every morning since Thanksgiving and he came a little late. I think he was busy making toys or maybe went to the old house before finding us at the new one, but he finally arrived. He has been behaving himself so far and hiding in easy places like a good ol' elf. No crafty shenanigans yet. Ellie and Gavin seem to find him first each morning and apparently Hadley was feeling a little left out... and a little jealous.

At 3 AM the other morning we had all the kids in our room waking us up because Hadley woke them up. She wouldn't let them go back to bed until they came downstairs to see where Clark was hiding because SHE had found him. Yes at 3am. It was a school night. Lovely, right?? A few of us never went back to bed. Friday was a LONG day.

Now I just pray that we have no more middle of the night wake up calls because someone is looking for him.

Welcome back Clark!


Little Miss Sunshine said...

Welcome back Clark. I was already waiting for your return. :-)

Tayton said...

Oh, Hads! Peso Elf is quite silly over here, too! I'm running low on ideas as our Elf hunter looks frequently for him!