Monday, November 05, 2012

Gavin's Backyard Laser Tag Bash

Two years ago Gavin said he wanted a Laser Tag party. I was newly diagnosed and away from my kids with treatment so I kept saying, "When I feel better..., when I feel better.." Well, it took me longer than I was expecting to feel better and it never happened. Last year, I had surgery right before his birthday so he ended up with a laser tag party at Main Event..not the laser tag party he was really wanting.

This year, FINALLY, Gavin got to have his Backyard Laser Tag Party. I think it was worth the wait!!

On Sunday a few of his closest Boys from school, baseball, preschool, and the neighborhood joined us at our house to celebrate his 9th Birthday.

Games to you came over to set up a Laser Tag battle ground in our backyard and woods behind us. The greenbelt was the PERFECT location for his party. The kids ran, jumped, and roamed around the woods and played Laser tag. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. I had face paint for them, but they were running so hard, they were really too sweaty to even get the face paint to stick. They took the game seriously.

While Games to You was setting up the laser tag, the kids got to play video games inside and outside the truck... it was a hit as well.

Then the real fun began....

Happy almost birthday to my little man! The last 9 years have been a JOY with him in our lives!!!


Courtney said...

What a great party! ALL B-O-Y!

parsonsfamily said...

that is LEGIT! What a great party Lacey! I'm sure Gavin was in 9 year old boy heaven. As always, everything looked amazing!

Little Miss Sunshine said...

Looks like a great party.
The woods behind your backyard seems to be great for such a party! Love it!