Thursday, June 21, 2012

BORA, BORA Snorkeling

Out where the little island is where the ocean meets the lagoon. There were barracuda, rays, sharks, coral, urchins, and all sorts of tropical, colorful fish:

The ocean drops to an immediate 6,000 feet when it hits the can see the dark blue water is the "deep water" and where it meets the lagoon.

We went to four different locations around the lagoon to snorkel.

We swam with 12 foot Manta Ray- they are very rare and have a natural cleaning station in a channel that goes through the lagoon...We were in Awe.....speechless....

We also saw a 9 foot Moorea Eel that are also very uncommon except to this area. Our diving instructor dove down with meat and got him out of a coral at the bottom of the reef. He was a little scary....but very cool.

Miles and Miles of CLEAR water

Our diving/scuba instructor, Christoph

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