Thursday, June 21, 2012

BORA, BORA- Our Bungalow

About six months ago Frank and I decided to book the top destination on our "bucket list." With all that we have had going on it came in a hurry. It was the trip of a lifetime and was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking, and so very relaxing. We spent nine days in ultimate luxury with the most spectacular views. It is hard to explain how beautiful Bora, Bora really is. It is the first place we have been to where the pictures you see are not as nice as it is in person. It is truly indescribable.
We flew from Houston to LA to Tahiti to Bora, Bora.
As we flew into Bora Bora, I saw our resort immediately and was so giddy.....

We spent a few weeks trying to decide where to stay. We had heard that the two nicest places to stay there were the Four Seasons and the Intercontinental Thelasso Resort and Spa. After talking to a few people and our travel agent, we went with the Intercontinental. It did NOT disappoint and was worth every penny. I highly recommend that if you go, stay there!! There are two Intercontinental hotels on the island, the Thelasso is definitely worth the extra money.

The Bungalow was BEAUTIFUL. There was water views from every room. And we had the best view of all- Mt. Otemanu.
Here is the Den:

We loved this coffee table and opened it every night to feed the fish and rays that swam underneath us.

Here is our bedroom with an incredible view:

Our closet:

Our bathroom with tub overlooking the water:

The back porch:

View of our bungalow from the water:

And this is the view from the dock....our bungalow is to the left so you can see how great our view was:

The water was like a giant pool with lots of tropical fish to see:

We took this walk every day and night to get to the main part of the resort. We always walked it and never called for a cart because it was such a gorgeous walk:

It was breathtaking...

This was a little wedding chapel over the water:

The gorgeous, soft white sand beach:

More to come...but here we are upon arrival and after getting lei's we waited at the front desk for our bungalow to be ready...yes the front desk is outside. :)


andrea said...

OMG, that looks like Heaven. i'd love to get details from you kent & i want to go to bora bora.
how was it? amazing????

florida was great but bora boar OMG looks amazing.

Courtney said...

BEAUTIFUL doesn't describe it! It's on my bucket list too. So glad you all had a fabulous trip!

parsonsfamily said...

that is just AMAZING!!!! That trip is definitely at the top of my bucket list as well, I'm so glad that you guys were able to do it and enjoy it now! AMAZING....miss you!

Little Miss Sunshine said...

Really amazing!
I really believe that that no word can describe it.

Urs said...

You guys went to paradise! The pictures are amazing. Enjoyed looking at all of them. Definitely on our bucket list too. Thanks for sharing!