Friday, August 19, 2011

Meet the Teacher & Teddy Bear Tea

The kids are so excited for this upcoming school year. I can hardly believe I have a second grader and two kids in Big school. Ellie is so excited to be at the same school with her brother.

Gavin was very excited last week when he learned that his teacher this year is Mrs. Everett. She taught there when I was there and is REALLY, REALLY sweet. I think her personality and loving nature is the perfect fit for Gav. We are very excited for this year. He has a few friends in his class too which makes it even better!!

Ellie had Kindergarten Teddy Bear Tea today. To say she is ready and excited would be an understatement, especially after today. She is lucky and has a lot of friends going into Kindergarten with her this year. She found out today that she has Mrs. Samford (Gavin's Kindergarten teacher and my good friend). She has been wanting Mrs. Samford since Gavin had her and has been asking me all summer long if I know if she is going to be in her class. She got her answer today. And to make it even sweeter, she has a few of her friends in her class also. Lexie, Maggie, Cameron, and Nicholas are all in her class. I am so excited for her and the wonderful year that she has ahead of her.

I am in love with our school. Not only because I used to work there, but because it is just a great place to be. It is going to be a great year!!!! I'm sure I will shed a few tears on Monday, like I always do, but I am excited for them!!

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