Saturday, August 20, 2011

Six. 6.- Can't believe she is SIX!

Ahhh...Wasn't Gavin just turning six?!? Six years ago I anxiously paced around our old one story house having Frank time contractions. Praying this was "It." We stopped for jamba juice on Market street and I was fine when frank ran in, but somewhere in between I was screaming for him to come back to the car to get me to the hospital. I got to the hospital and they KNEW I was in real labor just by looking at me. Instead of waiting like others, I was escorted right to triage where it was confirmed. I remember the second she was born. I remember just looking at her and saying, "I am your Mama." And then looking at Frank, as we were both crying saying, "Our baby girl, Ellie Elizabeth." And her big eyes just staring back at us.

Birthdays always have me reminiscing and looking back. I feel like it was yesterday, yet can't remember life all that well without her. She was my first daughter. And I am so proud to be her Mama!!

This last year she has grown a whole lot. Maybe not in size, but in other ways. She is still a tiny little peanut, but she is very mature for her age. I think having G as her older brother has helped her in that way. She loves life. She loves being social and has many friends. She loves to do crafts. Loves to do anything her big brother can do. Loves to teach her little sister everything she knows, and is such a loving child. Frank has been out of town this week and she has told me multiple times this week, that she has had so much fun with me. What Mama doesn't love to hear that?? She is in love with tumbling. She loves to sing and make up songs. She especially loves praise and worship songs and Taylor swift.  She loves to dance- hip hop style. She loves to be funny and make people laugh. She loves God and asks us a lot of questions about Him. She is definitely a DADDY'S GIRL. She thinks the world of her daddy and definitely has him wrapped around her little finger.

We are so proud of the beautiful girl she has grown to be. Six years old just seems so much bigger than five.

Happy Sixth Birthday Ellie Belly!!
We hope this is your BEST year yet!!



Emily said...

Happy birthday sweet Ellie! I can't believe you are already six! I hope this is your best birthday yet!

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Ellie! What a FUN year you have ahead of you in big school!