Monday, August 15, 2011

American Girl, Medieval Times, and Aunt Kelly

Ellie told us a few months ago that for her birthday she wanted to go visit Aunt Kelly and go to the American Girl Doll Store. So we booked reservations awhile back. This past Friday, we left around noon and headed up to Fort Worth to see my sister. It was a GREAT trip but it went by REALLY fast. We loved finally getting to see my sisters place and look around where she lives and where she works. We spent Friday night exploring her city.

Saturday Morning we got up, ate breakfast, and then headed to Dallas. The American Girl Doll store is only about 20 minutes from my sisters house. We had lunch reservations at 11 and we got there right on time.

The babies even got a seat at our table.

And got their own plate and cup.

Ellie loves her, Sally....

We ate a yummy lunch and then they came out and sang to our birthday girl.

And then we did a little shopping..

We made dinner reservations at Medieval Times so we had a few hours to spare so we shopped at the Galleria for a bit afterwards. Aunt Kelly bought Ellie this hat that she LOVES. Actually, yesterday as we were driving home Ellie informed me that her hat was one of her most favorite parts of the trip. LOL.

We got to Medieval Times early so we could get good seats. The kids were VERY excited!!

And I was very excited to see this sign:

We were on the Yellow team. Our knight was the first out. But we had fun watching the show anyway.

And Gavin was in his own little world cheering for other knights. HE LOVED IT!!!

Sunday morning we went to my sisters church with her. It was a great sermon. It was nice to see where she goes. And we were able to meet Sandra, the sweet lady Kelly saw on t.v. two years ago and went to meet because she knew God wanted her to do something with Sandra and her community. Kelly has a huge heart and I know she is a blessing to Sandra just as much as Sandra is a blessing to her. They help woman who get out of prison make their way back into the world. It was so nice to finally meet Sandra who I have heard about for so long. I am so proud of my sister and the life she has made for herself. And we loved getting to visit her for the weekend!!

Thanks for being such a great host and having our crazy family for a long weekend.

We love you Kelly. Ellie said this was her BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!


Team Dale said...

LOOKS like such a fun weekend! Can't believe she is 6! What a great way to celebrate and have a FUN AUNT to spoil you! Ya'll are all so DANG pretty! What a great family of genes you stem from! Here's to the next few days before kindergarten!!

Our Life Together said...

How FUN!!! That looks like a blast for sure. I loved playing baby! Sally is pretty

MKHKKH said...

American girl store looks so fun! Boo-hoo we don't have one near us anymore. Looks like Ellie had a fantastic birthday and made memories for all of you.

tayton said...

That's just a fabulous weekend all around! Happy Birthday again sweet Elle! And I'm so proud of you as well, Kelly. You are inspiring to us all!

Tanni said...

So cute----and you would not even believe we were at Medieval Times on Friday night....too funny---our kids love love loved it.

The Guess Family said...

Glad Gavin got his to go to Midievil times after a morning at American Girl! Looks like a fun weekend. Ellie's head healed quickly. Glad to hear your MD update was good, albeit scary!!! Praying for October to go smoothly. :)