Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hadley Faith

Hadley Faith Turned THREE on Friday. I still can't believe my baby is three years old. I love this little girl so much. She is the complete opposite of our other two. She is VERY STRONG WILLED. She is her own girl. She is very demanding, and likes things her way. But she is the spark plug of the family and she is fun! She makes our family complete and we can't imagine life without her.
She loves to dance and Love, Love, Loves to SING. She amazes us as we flip through the radio and she can sing almost every song. And she constantly wants music on at all times. She can operate the ipad and iphone with ease and constantly is playing music through them.
She loves to dress up. She has a favorite dress-up dress that is purple that she would wear every day if I would let her. I usually hide it every few days so it can have a break and get cleaned.
Her absolute favorite color is PURPLE. If given a color choice of anything, it will always be purple.
She loves her big brother and sister. She has recently found a love of Gavin's wrestling ring. She even knows their names. I hear her ask for Kofe Kingston or John Cena and it makes me laugh. And she loves to wear the wrestling mask and jump around like Gavin. She wants to be just like Ellie and loves to do and try whatever she is doing. She is not in cheer or tumbling yet, but she has a back bend down and can do a handstand to a back bend. This was learned all on her own by watching her big sister. And she learns all the cheers too. This kid is really coordinated. I must get her in an activity soon. She is sad when Ellie is at school and she is not. Next year with Ellie in school full time will be a BIG adjustment.
She loves accessories. Make up, cell phones, purses, lipstick- the girl could never have too many. And sunglasses, she loves her some sunglasses but refuses to wear them correctly, they are always worn upside down. And sometimes she even wears them to bed.
She loves baby dolls. She especially loves her bitty baby who she named Emmy Caroline. Loves to dress her up and change her diaper.
She has mastered the word "NO" and we are still trying to figure out how to discipline her. She is different from the others, and spankings definitely don't phase her. And we can never get her to stay in time outs. We can sometimes threaten to take her beloved B.B away (her blankie). That sometimes works.
She makes us laugh daily with the things she says, or does. She loves to be a little comedian and entertainer. She loves to be the center of attention.
And she has a soft heart, a compassionate heart. I will never ever forget when I came home from the hospital and I was laying in our bed and Frank had told the kids to not come in the room. And she snuck in anyway. She VERY CAREFULLY crawled in bed with me, snuggled up quietly beside me and stroked my bandages and kept whispering, "I hope you feel better Mommy." And she would gently kiss my head.
I love her with all of my heart. I am so blessed that God gave me this true little Miracle that by science shouldn't be here. I know God has big big plans for her in this crazy world. Still can't believe she is three. Three years ago we welcomed her into our family and I remember the day like yesterday. Although remembering our family without her is hard to do. Happy third birthday to my little Mama. I hope all of your dreams and wishes always come true!


Courtney said...

Oh My she is soooo cute!!! You can see her personality through those pictures, they are great! Loved reading about all of her quirks and likes and dislikes. I was LOL about the sunglasses to bed-I can just see it! Happy Birthday sweet girl-can't wait to see what the future holds for this life of the party!

stacy said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Hads!! You are the spunkiest little 3 year old I know. Just love your personality. We love you sweet girl.

Our Life Together said...

Happy birthday! Love the post. Sweetest thing ever when she crawled in bed with you. She knew just what her momma needed. precious.

Kristyn said...

She is just so beautiful!!!! What a precious little girl you have! I can't believe that she is three either! Time has just flown by. Happy Birthday Hads!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Hadley! I hope she had a great day. Gosh, when I read your description of her, it could be a description of my Anna. They seem SO much alike! Maybe it's because their birthdays are so close together! I can't believe they are 3!

Urs said...

She is beatiful. Happy 3rd Birthday Hadley!

Dr. Banff said...
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MKHKKH said...

THREE! How did this happen? She looks SO big. Where did baby girl go? She is such a doll and fire cracker. I see that familiar sparkle in her eyes. Happy Birthday Hadley. Watch out world. :)

ashley said...

First of all I can't believe that Hadley is 3 years old! That just sounds crazy! It seems like it was yesterday that we had her in the nursery, but she wanted her Mama! Looks like she is learning to like the camera more these days! I love how her little personality comes out in these pictures!

tayton said...

I hope you had a grand celebration, Birthday girl! I sure love your little voice on the phone and wish I was there to celebrate with you.